Main Atal Hoon (2024)

33% – Critics
91% – Audience

Main Atal Hoon Storyline

A biopic of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was the 10th Prime Minister and held the post for three times while serving the country. He was awarded by Bharat Ratna and Padma Vishnu, and he was the statesman of the BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party).—Baap Of Movies

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Main Atal Hoon Movie Reviews

Mein Atal Hu, Mein Atal Rahunga

This movie is differently made. You will feel that you seeing the life of your most beloved leader who has no haters. Pankaj tripathi nailed it, it is such an extra ordinary acting that is pure 10 out of 10.

The movie is not boring at all, it is a relaxing treat – the screenplay is spellbound and the narrative was good. Yes, at the end you will think that I want more of it.

Its clearly showcasing how a true patriot who sacrificed life for the nation do differently than ordinary minister. In flashes it refresh your deep down memory, projected in pleasant way. His style of leadership, to connect to people to win heart of then nation is mind blowing.

Whatever hundreds of motivation video can’t do. This one movie can do.

Also don’t think its yet another biography. The national award winning director brought to you hidden gem from the history which writes what India is today.

Lastly its not at all propaganda movie. It even don’t show Modi ji. It showcased that how to be a, true leader which is loved by all. Lal ji acting is too good.

Factually incorrect biopic

Atal Bihari spent his childhood in Gwalior not in bateshwar. Their grandparents moved to Morena from Bateshwar long before Vajpayee’s birth.

He first joined Arya Samaj, Gorkhi, Gwalior and later RSS in Gwalior itself, which makers deliberately skipped.

This biopic does not show how Mr. Vajpayee got funds to establish bjp.

This biopic seems to alter the facts to please certain people and class.

Mr. Vajpayee family still lives in Gwalior and his nephew Mr. Anup Mishra is a MLA from Morena.

Biopic does not show how many times he was elected as an MP.

This biopic is factually incorrect and misleading.

hagiography not a Biopic

One more film is released in India marketed as a biography.

But, In India true biopics like Oppenheimer are not made because Indians are too emotional to digest the reality of the idols they like(or worship).

Atal is one of the idol who is worshipped by many as a person who had no shortcoming while he had many. And the makers of the movie could not take the risk of showing those important shortcomings because of the current political landscape of India.

That is why I call it more of a hagiography than the actual biopic. Movie is slow. Cinematography is good. Pankaj Tripathi again aces the character. A one time watch for Atal followers.