Cinema Paradiso (1988)

90% – Critics
97% – Audience

Cinema Paradiso Storyline

In post-World War II Sicily, at the small village of Giancaldo, the fatherless eight-year-old boy, Salvatore “Totò” Di Vita, befriends Alfredo, the grizzled projectionist of the local Cinema Paradiso, and gains a mentor, and the father he never had. As the wide-eyed boy becomes enchanted by the dazzling world of the movies, growing up with the everlasting characters of Akira Kurosawa, Jean Renoir, John Wayne, Charles Chaplin, and everything in between, his vivid dreams start taking shape, even though the village priest, Father Adelfio, never misses an opportunity to censor films. But, after thirty long years of absence, the death of a dear one forces silver-haired Salvatore, now a prominent film director, to reconnect with his old hometown, and his faded, celluloid-scented childhood memories. Can he remember the taste of youth’s first kiss?

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Cinema Paradiso Movie Reviews

The Loves Of ‘Toto’ Beautifully Told

After seeing this special edition DVD which shows the entire 174-minute film (in addition to the 121-minute one that most of us had seen over the years,) my rating of this film was elevated. This review is of the longer “director’s cut.”

Most of the new footage involved the main’s character’s romance while he was a young man. The story then is continued years later when that character comes back to his hometown for a funeral and runs into the woman he was in love with but never was able to get for his own. It turns out to be a somewhat tragic love story.

The first part of the film, with Salvatore Cascio as “Toto” a young boy is a love story about two people sharing their love of movies: the kid and an adult “Alfredo” (Phillpe Noiret) who runs the local movie theater. Their love of film bonds them for life.

The word “love” is used repeatedly in this review because that’s the dominant theme: the love people had for others and for the world of film, something all of us on this website share.

The second and third parts of the film are the above-mentioned love story of Toto (Marco Leonardi as an adolescent and then Jacques Perrin as an adult) and “Elena” (Agnese Nano/ Brigitte Fossey). The first third of this director;s cut edition is much livelier and interesting, frankly, than the last two-thirds. Although not boring, it does drag in a few spots but the longer version is better in the long run because it makes the whole story much more meaningful.

It’s very nicely filmed and you get a real feel for the Italian people and their little town. The director of the movie, Giuseppe Tornatore, went on to make other great visual films, two of which I also like: Malena and The Star Maker…..but Cinema Paradiso, I believe, is considered his “masterpiece.”


This 1988 Italian film (released in the US in 1990), is back with a full 51 minutes added on. This seemed like a stupid idea…there was nothing wrong with the original. The directors cut (which was 1/2 hour longer) was considered a mess. Also, for this release, an extra 1/2 hour was added! I expected the worse. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that this 3 hour version is better than the 2 hour one.

This story follows the life of Salvatore. He’s born in a tiny Italian village and we see him as a little boy in the 1930s, an adolescent in the 40s-50s and an adult in the 80s. It basically is about his love of movies and the one true love of his life–Elena. They are in love but she comes from a rich family and he lives in poverty. How can they be together?


The cut movie in the US excised a lot of the Elena subplot and concentrated on Salvatore’s love of movies. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Elena disappears quite suddenly. This full version explains what happened between them and fleshes out the characters more. It also reveals a crucial surprise at the end.

The performances are all fantastic–especially by the gorgeous young actor playing Salvatore as a teenager. Elena is also stunning. The film has beautiful cinematography and a haunting music score. The 3 hours flew by for me. I didn’t want it to end!

So…beautiful music, attractive stars, good acting, compelling story and some incredible romantic sequences. A must-see!!!!

Bring plenty of Kleenex though–I cried a least 5 times!

Every Filmmaker’s Favorite Film

Giuseppe Tornatore’s Nuovo cinema Paradiso (Cinema Paradiso) is everything good about the movies. It is a story about love. The love between a Father and Son, an Individual and his home, and the love for the movies. Even if this is not your favorite film, if you are a filmmaker, you have no choice but to say this is your all time favorite film (if not one of the greatest films ever made). If only for the movie’s ending, this is a great film. The ending answers all of your questions and completes the story. The missing love from a Man’s life. The missing pieces to all the stories (movies) found and made into a whole. The final message from beyond the grave, the ending is perfect. If the musical score doesn’t put you in tears, the amazing visuals will push you over the edge. This is what all movies should be about. Terrific.