All for the Money (2019)


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All for the Money…a not so every day love story of when opposites attract. When 67-year-old Eddie Wilson, who lives in his mom’s basement, meets the thirty something, hot and classy real estate agent Simone Washington on a dating website, it seemed like love at first site.

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All for the Money Movie Reviews

It was pretty Average.

I found it to be more laughably bad than funny. The acting was tolerable for a budget film. You can tell they gave it their best. The writing was decent at times but other times it felt flat especially with its humor. The only scenes where I got a chuckle out of is where Eddie Wilson counts 1 2 3 and treats the urn like a genie lamp. While the message of the film was clear. The story and its ending was very predictable. The ending was the cheesiest thing ever and saw coming a mile away. I kinda see where the director was going with his Paraody of the Wizard of oz. But the execution was bad felt like I couldn’t take it seriously at that point. It had me going “WOW REALLY? Were doing this ending” Maybe if it has a higher budget, Better acting, Better cinematography, Better editing and tigher script. Then maybe I would’ve rated it at best a 5 or 6. But it is what it is!

Really funny

Great movie! Well written ,well acted , worth a watch.