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Johannes is born into an Ingrian-Finnish family in the Estonian Soviet Republic. When his mother leaves for Finland, and he’s left to be raised by his grandparents, Johannes is forced to face life on his own. He falls deeply in love with his classmate Vera, takes risks, gets into fights, and gets punished. All the while, in the background, the Evil Empire collapses. As the Lenins fall and the Barbie dolls take over, the crocodile Genas and the Moskvitches are forced to step aside, leaving the road to the West wide open. Lauri Randla’s Goodbye, Soviet Union is a comedy about the adventures of the eccentric Tarkkinen family in the last days of the Soviet Union.

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Goodbye Soviet Union Movie Reviews

Masterpiece with warmth

I was living there at that time, I have also Inkeri and estonian roots and maybe that is why I enjoyed the movie even more. I was very impressed about the mixing of languages and the warmth of the movie. Very correct style, clothes and humour. One of the best movies I have seen lately that sent me back to my childhood places. Nostalgia. And very real story.

A pioneer

Time travel to my childhood. Yes, I’m from Estonia and have worn red triangle in my school some years before things started to change. Thank you for bringing back those memories, childhood is childhood everywhere.


Great movie. Very tender in tone, and absolutely recognizable for anyone who’s been there.