Freedom’s Path (2022)

90% – Critics
98% – Audience

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Freedom’s Path Movie Reviews

Deeply emotional

As a member of The McIntosh County Shouters and being featured in this film. I have to firstly thank you for the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing film. The fact that you use managed to use us for film as well as using older recordings of the founding members for the group for the sound track paid homage to the power and beauty of the ring shout and it’s role in the fabric of the American Story. For the first time in film history utilizing the authentic ring shout in the correct context as a way of weaving a piece of unknown Black Musical and Cultural History into a film to talk about the struggles of Freed Black’s during the time of the Civil War was so beautifully done. The film was deeply emotional and allowing viewers to get a view not only into life during the Civil War, but also giving an honest and truthful account of what the view of the Civil War was for Whites of the Union as well as Freed Black’s. This film was poetic.

Intense and Meaningful

The best movie I have seen in years. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way. It is intense and yet tells such a meaningful story. Everyone should see it!

This is poetry on the screen

This movie takes you through so many different emotions in such a beautiful way. The acting, the cinematography, the music… they are amazing. The director does a masterful job of telling a story and bringing you in to it. Not to watch it but to be a part of it. This isn’t just a filmed movie, it is like fine crafted art work.