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A decent experience

While this will most likely get bombarded with politically biased low ratings, I think that if you’re even slightly intrigued by this one, you should check it out. It’s full of constant energy (that you don’t see in many stand-up shows) and good bits about himself and the hypocrosy of old media.

As Russel Brand as it gets

He goes on an energetic rant about this and that, and if you have ever seen any of his appearances you know how this goes – he’s up and down and here and there, and it’s funny and that’s what all about.

Come on, it’s just funny!

Russell goes there with everything he sees fit. It’s just funny stuff. He’s had a child, he’s sober and it’s just funny. I always liked him even when he was wasted on whatever he was on. Now, he’s sober and tells it as he sees it. If that offends you then don’t watch him. Otherwise, it’s just funny stuff!