Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (2018)

54% – Critics
false% – Audience

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle Storyline

Gentle-natured recent ex-Marine Chris Dempsey works in a nursery, but feels he still has a higher calling to save lives, so volunteers for live organ donation. Hesitantly, teacher Heather Krueger, who is sure to die without Chris’s ‘spare’ kidney, agrees to meet him, still unaware he has already tested compatible and signed up. They immediately strike a friendship, which naturally grows after the successful transplant. Chris becomes a virtual member of the Krueger family, only there are doubts what’s appropriate, but in time their love blossoms at the altar.—KGF Vissers

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Once Upon a Christmas Miracle Movie Reviews

A Good Movie

I liked this movie overall. The story was very interesting and the lead actors had lots of chemistry. There was a deep feeling of sincere affection among all the characters. My main issue with the movie were the scenes that occurred after the double liver transplant. I am not nitpicking–this was the central theme of the movie and it was depicted in a very irresponsible manner. I know it’s only a movie but it’s based on a true story and I don’t want people watching this to be misled into thinking this surgery is as easy and carefree as is depicted here. A liver transplant is a grueling experience with many months of difficult recovery. In this movie the characters are smiling, joking, up and around a day or two after surgery, looking great and fully functioning/

A True story perfectly captured

Certainly one for having a tissue handy ! A lovely warming film based on a true story. Aimee Teegarden played the anxious and insecure girl in need of a transplant operation perfectly. Her smile lit up the screen and Brett Dalton was a good choice as the guy who was the perfect match . One of the best !

More poignant than the usual Hallmark Christmas movie

A young woman (Aimee Teegarden) needs a liver transplant. Along comes an ex marine (Brett Dalton from Shield) who altruistically decides to donate to her. Is it just gratitude or is it love?

It’s a nice change of pace from the usual Hallmark fluff. If it was a feature film there wouldn’t be a happy ending. So it’s nice this organ transplant theme has a Hallmark treatment.

His saintliness is pure Hallmark but surprisingly not implausible in the context.

If you choose one Christmas movie at least this is a little different.