My Daughter’s Ransom (2019)


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A kidnapper plays a twisted psychological mind game with a frantic mother who witnessed him abducting her young daughter.

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My Daughter’s Ransom Movie Reviews

Implausible and irritating

After her daughter is taken by her ex con ex boyfriend a woman has to follow his instructions to get her back including alienating everyone in her life and getting money to pay him. It isn’t believable how he can keep tabs on her every move. And it’s annoying how she has to do all these things but you want to see it to the end.

Not a must watch.

Not as bad as some say

I actually found this movie very entertaining. While her daughter is held hostage by a man, that man makes her do things she’d never do on her own. Even though it doesn’t always makes sense I found it pretty hilarious. Even the end I thought was well in line with the story. So if you don’t expect a serious thriller….. you’ll love it.

Run, Lola, Run!!!

There was sly approach to the “ransom” theme on the part of the producers of “My Daughter’s Ransom” (a.k.a., “Race for My Daughter”). Along with the attempt to develop a gripping drama, the filmmakers added a touch of parody to the kidnapping trope.

Rachel Rogers is desperate to saver her daughter Lindsey, who is kidnapped during a visit to the zoo. Rachel immediately learns that the culprit is her ex-boyfriend Carter. While they were dating, Rachel witnessed Carter commit cold-blooded murder and turned him into the cops instead of providing him with an alibi. Now, twelve years later, Carter has been released from prison and is out for revenge.

The clever Carter has provided a direct line of communication to Rachel with a headphone, and he orders her to perform specific tasks if she wants her daughter returned to her. There is an outrageous scene at the corporate headquarters where Rachel is forced to ask her husband Tony for a divorce. She also must admit that she is having an affair with Tony’s colleague Frank. Frank and his wife Gina are awfully confused when they meet with Rachel and Tony for an epic, four-way meltdown.

The film’s attempt at parody didn’t completely work as it never seemed very credible or even humorous. It was especially troubling that Rachel would leave the scene when her mother-in-law Diane was in the throes of a heart attack Nevertheless, the pace of the film was lively with Rachel constantly in motion in the race to save her daughter.

At least “My Daughter’s Ransom” offered a much-needed variation on a predictable kidnapping film. There was great energy and devotion apparent in Rachel’s race to the finish line.