Terror in the Woods (2018)

43% – Audience

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The story of two twelve-year-old girls who attack their friend as a sacrifice to an internet legend, the Suzerain.

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Terror in the Woods Movie Reviews

Pretty good

I have followed the slender man case for years and like that they had the skeleton hoodie that Morgan always wore and the waterpark scene etc. Theres a lot of differences but similarities in it. I thought the girl who plays Emily kinda looks like Peyton. (God bless her) which is kinda eerie. Andd did anyone else kind of notice the music in the movie is like the theme from “the exorcist”? I thought they sound similar and creepy!!!

Story isn’t bad, the rest is average.

As soon you see it’s a Lifetime movie your hopes for a good movie sink immediately. I guess this one was one of the better ones even though there is a lot of negative things about Terror In The Woods. First of all the title, with a title like that I expected some horror but that you won’t get unless you’re afraid of about everything. Then you had the acting, some were better than others but overall it wasn’t great. The sound editing and cinematography could have been better, but that’s apparently always the case with Lifetime movies. I don’t know why, but after one minute into a movie you can already tell it’s a tv movie, every time, over and over again. The positive thing this time was the story, it wasn’t bad. Children and their wide imagination could lead to some awful things, in this movie it’s well portrayed.

This wasnt bad actually

Wife loves lifetime so of course i stumble upon this. as i reach for the remote to do the alarmist any channel but this one move, there is this creepy kid that catches your attention. then there is another weird kid. hmm odd for a lifetime movie i think. very quickly you get that weird vibe about the two of them and start watching.

I will admit. Once you figure out this is a slender man story you will watch just to see if somebody will actually die…. simple as that. I know the movie attempts to explore insanity and serious issues but sorry, all i really cared for is if lifetime will actually off a kid in this movie. Maybe they do, maybe they dont. But i will say that. The ending is worth staying for and the final scene is a bit depressing yet creepy. Almost like they are setting it up for a sequel.

The good:

  • good acting, mostly.
  • creepy and snappy characters. it has that gothic little miss sunshine type feel
  • it’s actually a semi halloween/horror movie
  • near the end there is a scene during a speech that will make you question something about the whole movie. There is another hint about that same thing earlier too, now that i look back. i guess that’s a good plot twist. I feel the director wanted to clear it up at the very end but the way it was done was actually open to interpretation. i usually write spoiler reviews but not this time.

The bad:
  • lifetime movie. men are just about worthless here. all 2 of them.
  • i find caithlins mother character a bit too forced. too wooden. cant tell if actress or just bad direction. i suppose they were going for the aloof overwhelmed type but she acts irrational in some key scenes. especially after you are told some of the backstory later on in the movie. you will see what i mean.

Frankly i really can’t fault this too much. it’s entertaining and makes you watch it. what more can you want from a low budget made for tv movie? 8/10