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My Online Valentine follows, Cozette “Cozi” Newton (Taja V. Simpson) and Blaze Maddox (Blue Kimble) who find romance through an online dating site, But, just as Cozi decides to take a risk and give dating Blaze a chance, her ex-boyfriend Ajax Booker (Robert Christopher Riley) pops back into her life with plans of his own. As Ajax has a plan of his own to woo back Cozi for Valentine’s Day, something unexpected happens where it will change the lives all Cozi, Ajax and Blaze.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVVVVVVED “My Online Valentine.” It was very REFRESHING to see new and TALENTED faces deliver hope within misunderstanding and love in unfamiliar territory!!! Not too mention, but uh , everyone was FINE!!! I mean FINNNNNNE, funny, educated and did I say, FUN. This was the perfect love story to kick us off in this year’s season of love!! Taja V. Simpson is perfection and welcomes us into the heart of “Cozi.” Thankyou for taking me on THEEEEE ride!!!

Beautiful Love Journey

Such an amazing cast! I loved the chemistry between the characters. I love how the writer/director gave us the start of this love journey by taking his time before we were able to see the direction of the film. I was left not knowing and that’s a very good thing. Comedic timing was great and a couple of deep scenes with Cozi, played by the amazing Taja V. Simpson, had me on the edge of my seat. Leaving me feeling like I was right there next to them. So good! A must see!! Romanic and real… everyone can relate. So so so good!!!

Nicely done

This was a nicely written, produced and directed movie. All of the characters had depth and there was a clear plot. Really enjoyed this romantic movie. It did make me hungry (tho)-lol, with all the food scenes.