The Legend of the Christmas Witch (2018)


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During the day Paola is an ordinary primary school teacher, but at night, she turns into The Christmas Witch, a magical creature who brings gifts to the good kids.

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The Legend of the Christmas Witch Movie Reviews

Finally a decent Italian Christmas comedy

This is literally the first (and for now, only) decent Italian Christmas comedy. It clearly isn’t a masterpiece, but it could easily be compared to those fun and light-hearted American or British comedies you watch with the family during the holidays. It’s fun and decently acted, the CGI is good, the music is lovely. Which is way more it could be said of pretty much any other Italian comedy. Plus the sceneries are stunning, and it’s a fun take on a tipically Italian tradition. It has some mild curse words in it, but in my opinion it’s nothing too out there. Would recommend it for family movie time and would definitely watch again.

Good Family Movie

This movie was made in Italy with all the characters speaking Italian. It was filmed well for doing this voice over all in English. You don’t get caught up watching a character still speaking on screen after they say their lines. The movie is set in a quaint village. It has humor and an anti bullying theme. A good family movie.

Some Italian Magic

My wife and I and our 10 year old daughter watched The Legend of the Christmas Witch this week. A wonderful adventure of Christmas Magic, with the real focus on the adventure and bravery of the children, an over the top toy making villain and best of all, a witch combining magic and smarts. The scenery in the Italian alps is a bonus and the music was inspiring. Recommend you see it, especially with children. Thanks cast and crew for a new take on this witch for Christmas.