The August Virgin (2019)

  • Year: 2019
  • Released: 21 Aug 2020
  • Country: Spain
  • Adwords: 5 wins & 15 nominations
  • IMDb:
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  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Spanish, English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 125 min
  • Writer: Jonás Trueba, Itsaso Arana
  • Director: Jonás Trueba
  • Cast: Itsaso Arana, Vito Sanz, Isabelle Stoffel
  • Keywords: madrid, spain, summertime,
60% – Critics
false% – Audience

The August Virgin Storyline

On the cusp of turning thirty-three, charming and soft-spoken Eva makes an unorthodox decision. Unlike the majority of her fellow Madrileños, as the otherwise bustling-with-people city of Madrid shuts down for August, the hottest and loneliest month of the year, Eva decides to spend the entire period in the stifling metropolis in search of an opportunity. As a result, yearning for change and to rediscover herself, Eva meanders through the city’s streets that teem with seasonal festivals and religious festivities for the Holy Virgin, filling languid days of summer ennui with visits to museums, old friends, and familiar places. Now, all that Eva needs is a revelation to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. Will Eva find answers in her intimate journey of soul-searching on the hot month of August?—Nick Riganas

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The August Virgin Movie Reviews

Eva, a virgin

Eva is in her thirties and she spends the summer in Madrid where she meets friends but also people along ner sort of pilgrimage in the city. She hesitates unable to make decisions and in the end she will feel pregnant whithout having made love. The atmosphere is pleasant and so is Eva.

Just watch something else.

I want to warn all those who have not watched this movie yet to please avoid wasting more than 2 hours of your lives with this third-rate film. The plot is absurd (staying in your city in August, okay… Moving to another apartment just for the summer?), the situations are forced, the dialogues are unreal, the performances are poor, the tempo is inadequate (the film is way too slow)… The conversations are silly (they sound like teenagers going through their adolescent crisis more than grown 33 years old people discussing about real problems). Hard to tell where the movie is going (if it is going somewhere).

One could say that the film fails in every possible way. The worst movie I have seen in 2019 and (without a doubt) one of the worst of the decade. If the director were not the son of Fernando Trueba, this film would have never been released.

The easygoing residents of Madrid engage in socializing and soul searching during summer

I went to watch the movie the first night it opened in Athens and I was not disappointed. It has a very specific social context, the social world of thirty something Madrilenos who seem very easygoing and direct in their affective relationships, something that a traditionalist Catholic or practicing Muslim might find strange or unfamiliar. They are steeped in the hedonistic mentality of our times although they do not lack warmth or emotional depth. I have visited Madrid once and had a very good time therefore I had an additional motive to like the movie and I have to admit that I was very moved when I saw the heroine staring for sometime before the lady of Elche( Dama d’ Elche), a striking Celtiberian sculpture, that I had also admired when visiting the Archeological museum of Madrid. Everybody seems approachable and easygoing and one wonders if the movie seeks to portray a 68 utopia in the present. There are some memorable scenes such as a an impromptu theatrical on the road or an alternative therapy session which display elements of life that high culture now and in the past views with disdain or at least condescension although they are chunks of the lived experience of many people. I advice you to watch this movie unless you are socially conservative and your sensibility might be offended by what a certain section of the public considers as the degeneration and laxisme of modern metropolitan life. Otherwise this experiment in sociability and soulsearching has its charms.