Ambush (2023)

58% – Audience

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The thrilling true-story of a U.S Military suicide mission through miles of enemy, Vietcong infested tunnels. American forces are trapped on the edge of no-mans-land, facing danger amid a maze of tunnels as they pursue the Vietcong far below ground before a deadly secret can be exposed.

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Ambush Movie Reviews

Writing and Directing Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

The premise of the movie is pretty good and they have some really talented actors, but you can feel something is off right from the beginning, especially if you have been in the military or even are just a connoisseur of military movies / documentaries.

A forward base is something we’ve all seen, but as soon as you lay eyes on this base, even a five year-old would wonder why on earth anyone would build a base like that. Why do they have like 30 guys on the base, no vehicles, but like 100 55 gallon drums?

The whole premise of the movie is that they come in possession of a secret binder with a complete list of secret agent locations and need to protect it. Someone accidentally discharges a weapon and the special forces captain throws the binder on the ground to go yell at the guy which allows a ditch-digger to get to thumb through it. What?! C’mon!

The dialogue just seems off too. When one 20-year old ditch digger, asks the other 20 year-old ditch digger what was in the binder – he asks ‘Did it look like a ledger?” Who the heck would say that?

When the base gets attacked, they hide the binder in an ammo can in the HQ. What!? It’s literally one inch thick, anyone who’d job it was to protect it would put it down this pants, or bury it under one of the hundreds of 55-gallon drums, it would never be found even if they totally lost the base.

In another ridiculous situation, as the base is being attacked, the captain orders every single soldier to leave the base to peruse the retreating attackers. It must not have seemed ridiculous enough, because then both the retreating and the pursuing solders then both stand in the open unloading machine gun fire at each other – AK-47 versus M16 at about 20 or 30 yards.

Mark Burman is an accomplished writer / director / producer, but quite honestly he really should have hired a military consultant on this one. Anyone who likes war movies, or even occasionally watches war documentaries on the History Channel sees right through this movie. It’s really hard to even watch this to the end with all the cliches and totally unbelievable actions taken.

It was in focus and the dialog was clearly audible. everything else was a mess

I hope Aaron Eckhart was paid well for the half day of work he did on one set. At least, fortunately for him, this film will be quickly forgotten. And it’s sad to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ career reduced to signing on to dreck like this.

The plot is simple enough.

Vietnam. 1966. A remote American firebase is attacked and the Viet-Cong, though driven back, somehow manage to get their hands on a binder that would compromise South Vietnamese agents. A small force is dispatched from the firebase to track and find the VC in order to retrieve or destroy the binder.

The basic outline for this plot could have made for a decent action movie in the hands of competent film makers. Unfortunately, none were available.

It is clear that the film makers did no research. I began to wonder if they could even spot Vietnam on a map.

Sometimes a film with a low budget will get the look wrong because they can’t afford to build realistic looking sets or props… in this case, it seemed they simply didn’t care about getting anything right

Production and costumes: None of the characters were wearing the right uniforms or patches. You can literally order bulk surplus jungle fatigues online… this was not a budget issue… they simply got all the uniforms wrong. Every single one.

This was also glaringly obvious with the weapons. The overwhelming majority of the soldiers in this film are seen using M16A2 or A3 rifles… rifles which were not available until 20 years later. One soldier who has a beard for some reason was actually carrying an M16A4 with a rail system, a gun that wan not available until more than 30 years later.

Clearly the production had the budget for an armorer who could provide expensive rifles… just the wrong ones… all of them.

While most laymen may not notice the difference, anyone who ever served in the military in the last fifty years will and this is just indicative of the indifference or laziness of the film makers.

The location set for the firebase was laughably bad, on a par with a high school play’s stage scenery. This was not a budget issue.. this was not caring or bothering. Sandbags don’t cost a lot. A single later of sandbags on only one side of a machine gun position is decorative but useless. It wouldn’t have taken more that a minute to google images to see how sandbags are used and maybe an extra hour to fill a whole bunch of bags.

The script: Every cliche imaginable… and the writer clearly has no understanding of how the military works of how human beings talk to each other… and of course there are many pieces of dialog that are out of place… like one soldier complaining about eating MRE’s even though it would be twenty more years before the Army switched over to eating MRES from canned C-rations. Corporals run bases and give orders to sergeants. Captains scream at everything all the time because the writer associates screaming with Army movies. And colonels lead patrols. The script is rife with every cliche imaginable “they died for nothing!” and when someone talks about how they’re about to finish their tour and go home, you know he’s about to die

The action is why I gave this film two stars instead of one… because I actually laughed at how bad it was. There were lots of bad CGI muzzle flash and explosion effects. The Viet Cong seem to love just standing in the open and firing instead of maybe shooting from behind a tree… and there were multiple scenes were actors were shooting each other in the back (fortunately with blanks) because the director didn’t bother to tell them to not point their rifles at each other when running around firing. It’s actually quite comical and I challenge viewers to count how many times they see actors shooting at each other. There was a stuntman falling from a tower too early before an explosion went off at the base of it that the director left in. As CGI mortar strike explosions in several scenes and in one scene, a stuntman throws himself flailing as if blasted by an explosion …but they forgot to add that CGI explosion so the scene is just him flailing as he leaps sideways reacting to… nothing.

I guess the best way to sum up this movie is to look at the title… “Ambush” There is no Ambush.

After the firebase is attacked, a captain is on the radio with a general talking about the attack and they both keep referring to it as an ambush. The attack on the base is referred to as an ambush several more times.

But an assault or raid on a base is not an ambush.

That the film makers titled their film “Ambush” and don’t even know what that means really says it all.