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When Jimmy Five’s pet dog Fluffy vanishes, he creates an infallible plan to rescue his beloved little pet, but he needs help from his faithful friends Monica, Maggy, and Smudge. Together, they will face challenges and have incredible adventures to get Fluffy back home.—Erick – translation from Portuguese Wikipedia.

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Great adaptation

“Turma da Monica- Laces” new film from the beloved Daniel Rezende, a young Brazilian director who brings with him an enormous expectation, seeing his great works and one of the names that can take Brazilian cinema to better days of glory. Here, his proposal is to make a film that pleases the nostalgic and the youngest public, about a Brazilian product of our culture that is present for almost 40 years in our lives and is loved by all, difficult task, but mission accomplished.

Thiago Dottori, writer of the feature, opts for a more childlike script, but with surprising moments, such as the monkey cry or the protagonism of scallion, both distoantes than we expected, but functional in the plot, without having to waste time in the construction characters , the process is shorter – Although the main plot is dragged by the three acts – and more fluid, we have more time for jokes, references and pure nostalgia, The only thing of script that does not please 100% is the central plot, it’s kind of strange in comparison to the rest of the work, but we accept, since what we really want, is to revisit these characters of our childhood.

The movie has a cool soundtrack, ambiance and compositions of spectacular scenery and a good costume, the general portrayal of the characters is very good, another highlight of the film is the character of the crazy, played by Rodrigo Santoro, are just minutes from screen, but it is a spectacular adaptation of a comic to the cinema, fun, comic and caricature, and that even works as a lever, for the length that gets lost in rhythm between the second and third act.

Finally, thanks, the long awaited monica class makes us go back to childhood and review our beloved members of the lemon tree neighborhood, in a good live action, without being silly or ridiculous, the arduous task of adapting a children’s comic in the movies so fun, serious and childish is fulfilled.


Turma da Mônica (Monica’s Gang) has been part of Brazilian pop culture for decades and the comics are some of the first childhood reading memories for a lot of people (including myself). This lovely family live-action film adaption is like a tribute to the works of Maurício de Souza and a must see for fans from all generations. Daniel Rezende was a great choice for the direction and his filmography it’s becoming one of the most exciting additions to contemporary Brazilian cinema.

Very cute!

After a marathon of tests to select the perfect actors to play the roles of Mônica, Cebolinha, Cascão and Magali, filming took place on a script by Thiago Dottori based on the graphic novel by Victor and Lu Cafaggi. Staying true to the atmosphere of the drawing and transporting it without losing the playful and naive spirit of Maurício de Sousa’s trait is a task for the few. Daniel Rezende and his team deliver a movie with rhythm, soul and heart, capable of pleasing children and the elderly. If the plot is well constructed, the actors give life to three-dimensional characters and the editing keeps the interest of the viewer, the film goes beyond and touches on universal and deep issues such as friendship, family and teamwork. Contrary to the climate of violence and intolerance that prevails on the screen (and beyond), Turma da Mônica, Lasso, is an ode to brotherhood and love. The title, Ties says it all.