The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth (2018)

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In 2017 the fittest athletes on Earth took on the unknown and unknowable during four of the most intense days of competition in CrossFit Games history. “The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth ” captures all the drama as top athletes resembling chiseled Grecian gods descend on Madison, Wisconsin, to face a series of trials. Hercules faced 12; they take on 13. Emotions run high as a throng of Australian athletes rise to the top. By the end of the competition, some learn tough lessons-that all that glitters isn’t gold, or even bronze-and some learn that they’re even stronger than they realized. The best among them enter the pantheon of CrossFit giants and earn the right to call themselves the “Fittest on Earth.”

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Better than Functional Fitness (2016) but …

Much better than the abysmal Functional Fitness (2016), with higher production values and more interesting plot lines, but also with an inflated run-time. The event consists of 4 consecutive days of ultra-gruelling activities; what is suspiciously missing in this documentary is a description of how the athletes recover every night to come back and compete the next day (a few quick shots of ice baths, notwithstanding) and also what do they eat and what do they drink, to be able to perform at such high level for 4 consecutive days. It makes it quite hypocritical to throw Ricky Garard under the bus for using PEDs, because there is absolutely no way for all other athletes to perform in a super-human fashion for 4 straight days while being 100% natural; the human body is simply not made to function like this, to carry a lot of lean muscle mass with very little fat and to perform the intense activities that are showcased in this documentary. It is common knowledge that drug testing can be easily beaten, with the help of professionals. Drug scandals are rampant in sport, e.g. the Olympics, body building competitions, cycling, baseball, football, etc. I repeat: Drug test can be easily passed with the help of the right professionals.


Every few seconds, the LOUD MUSIC came on, and had to adjust volume. Barely hear the talking, so add subtitles and barely helps. These movies are always annoying to watch. Turn volume up to hear them blabbing, then I’m in kitchen drinking water, EXTREMELY LOUD MUSIC COMES ON, run over to turn volume down, so neighbors don’t wake up! So ANNOYING! Also, the description indicated they would test them for steroids but didn’t! I KNOW these girls and dudes are taking drugs. Not all, but some are! You can’t have a beautiful female like katrin davidsdottir have big blocky abs and is natural. But do I still love Katrin davidsdottir and want to snuggle with Her and make babies with Her?! OF COURSE! Is she taking steroids? Maybe. Want to watch movies like this but they REALLY need to stop fluctuating the audio so much. STOP WITH THE EXTREMELY LOUD MUSIC! Turn their mics up so I can hear them.

Good apart from the lies

This is a very good film, one which I have watched quite a few times but as other reviewers have stated every now and then the film talk to the makers of Crossfit about the use of drugs in the sport and all the time they are saying no that none of the big names are taking something, they are, 100% they are taking performance enhancing drugs. It would have been better if they had said yes we know most of the athletes are taking something and we are trying to stamp it out.

Stop treating the audience like idiots.