Condor’s Nest (2023)

40% – Critics
65% – Audience

Condor’s Nest Storyline

A decade after the fall of Nazi Germany, an American aviator travels across South America in search of war criminals and encounters more than he bargained for.

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Condor’s Nest Movie Reviews

This should win many awards, at the Razzies.

This is by far the worst attempt at a war film, that I’m guessing, was also trying to be funny in a Inglourious Basterds kind of way, but not even a smirk was cracked – more like cringe moments. This felt more like a long, dragged out bad SNL sketch. The 102 min runtime felt endless with terrible pacing and long dragged out and mostly unnecessary scenes. At best, this should’ve been a short film. The story was just flaccid, lame, and boring. I’ve seen better cast performances in a high school drama class, but I’m sure most of the blame falls on writer and director Phil Blattenberger’s inexperience on how to direct his cast properly. I’m not sure why this nonsense was even made. The bogus high reviews are more entertaining. It’s a very generous 3/10 from me, being very forgiving for many rookie mistakes by a newb filmmaker. Blattenberger should’ve at least consulted a more experienced filmmaker for the many needed areas of improvement.


All the previous comments are related to the producers and cast of the movie. This is one of the worst movies that you can find in your life. Horrible acting, horrible scenario, and ridicoulous scenes. Arnold Vasloo and Michael Ironside should retire from acting after this disastraous movie. Lost’s Hurley is also in this movie and I guess that he should retire as well. Hendrick’s Gin did not exist in 1954 in particularly in BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA not until the year of 1999 but in this movie it exists. On the other hand, I guess that they could not find a tank so instead they called an armored vehicle as a tank. I am still shocked how bad this movie is!!!

Low Budget film that “could of”, but feel short.

It suceeded in not being a B movie. Probably closer to a ‘C’. A revenge film about killing Nazis.

Cast was fair. The casted leading characters were far from what one expected as heros. Saying that, one wanders how this film got so many known names to make appearances? Jacob Keohane, Corinne Britti, Arnold Visloo, Michael Ironside, Jorge Garcia, Jackson Rathbone, Bruce Davison, and James Urbaniak. Most, like Michael Iron, are simply quick appearances of older known actors, in Nazi uniforms.

Even with much if the cast underutilized, acting was good.

In this day and age of every video buff making great cgi to fool people on Facebook, this cgi lack having much (if any).

Normally, being a fan of real explosions and crashes, I’d say it would it would make this film better. It does not. Every situation where FX is needed is avoided by a “cut away/cut back”. Plane crash… cut away, cut back to a plane prop in a field of undamage grass. Or a car explosion cut back to a car in fire with doors open and no damage other than a fire. Of course this can work in movie magic, but fails here due to the horrible props. As for the props, poor is an understatement. It’s written that the crashed B-17 prop took a year to build in NC. Sad they didn’t take a week to make the field look like a crash site.

(Note: the footage and crew used in the short B17 flight sequences was the same one thst crashed in a mid-air collision in 2022.)

The filming locations were good. Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni to Argentina’s Buenos Aires, we’re background in scenes, but no attempt to take advantage of location by adding location scenery footage was made. For as little that was used, it could have been done frernscreen of allot less and monies could have been used for better action fx.

Music, though reported composed by Christof Unterberger, who has many film credits, was poor. I myself believe he just scored canned music for scenarios. Sone drama music, some action music, sone background scores. I don’t think it was actually scored to the film. Just added in post production. I doubt seriously if Christof ever saw the film he made the music for. In fact he probably just made this canned music and it was purchased to be added.

All in all, one can make it through to the end if you watch it with the expectation that its more like a 1980’s filmed for TV film. It’s kind of sad.

I think just a bit more put into FX of the action scenes, adding some scenic cinematography and actually scoring music to scenes instead of just adding background music, could have made this a much better film. Espicially with the line up of talent.