Nine Meals from Chaos (2018)

  • Year: 2018
  • Released: N/A
  • Country: Argentina
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Spanish, English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Writer: Iván Noel
  • Director: Iván Noel
  • Cast: Tatiana Gonzales Bozzetto, Joaquin Brizuela, Carlos Contreras, Joaquin Nicolas Contreras
  • Keywords: post-apocalyptic future, feral child, cannibal,

Nine Meals from Chaos Storyline

Eight years after a cataclysm and disease ravaged the human race – leaving just one in every ten surviving -, all social structures have crumbled like sand castles. Too few still live for anything to have been reconstructed. All remaining animals have been consumed and no sowing has yet been possible. It is Man at his most basic, destitute level. Two groups inhabit the desolate and abandoned land: packs of orphaned children in a feral state, living a nomadic life-style for their safety, and adults (with their offspring), barely surviving any better by living off their meat. It is a war only the most desperate of the two will win.—Ivan Noel

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Nine Meals from Chaos Movie Reviews

Awful. Very Disappointed.

As someone who helped fund a few of Mr. Noels movies through indiegogo (including this one), I can say this was money completely wasted.

Ivan Noel is extremely talented; writing, directing, casting, composing, you name it. His movies have been top notch, and coming off one of his best, La Tutora (The Tutor), I expected to be treated to another amazing feature.

What I got is a bunch of children wandering around for an hour in a half with no real story-line and a narrator that continually preaches at me about how awful and destructive mankind is.

The camera work is super shaky (found footage/documentary style) which is off-putting. Apparently this is supposed to be a fake documentary, as at the end we see a horribly acted interview with the fake documentarian.

The scenery is tremendous. Absolutely gorgeous. And some great camera shots, unfortunately not enough or used an any meaningful manner. What I wish Noel could have done with his locations.

If this was your introduction to Ivan Noel you would think he were an amateur and might pass on his other work.

Pass on this, HARD pass on this, but DO see his other work. His best in my opinion Brecha, In Your Absence, and my favorite, his version of Turn of the Screw called La Tutora. Of course They Returned, Children of the Night, and Primary! were also excellent. I look forward to seeing Rejected and Lamb of God.

I have never written a bad review or given a a one star to my knowledge but this gets it. I hope Mr. Noel understands. He is one of those directors you can reliably see or buy everything they make as you KNOW it will be great. Its a shame this film is now in his repertoire.

Darkly told story unhelped by repeated interruptions by a narrator

Generally speaking, a good story should be able to tell itself without a narrator having to provide consistent descriptions on what is going on onscreen. Apparently, this story cannot do this.

Further, the narrator in question seems inspired by Thomas Hobbes idea that humans are inherently bad and will do anything to advance their own interests because they are cruel, selfish and self-interested all of the time. The result is that not only is the film’s narrator intrusive and monotonous, but he’s markedly off-putting, even suggesting at one point that eating worms and being canabalistic are more nutritious than the fares provided by modern agriculture and animal production.

I’m giving a two star review rather than a one star and even considered giving it three, because the kids do a good enough job with the direction they were obviously given, but in the end watching a group of preteens act out a world of Machiavellian nihilism with the grating monotone of an irritating narrator who can’t keep his mouth shut talking over all of it because he feels the story cannot tell itself is simply unplesant.


Sorry – this is nothing more than rubbish. And I am an Ivan Noel fan. Don’t waste your money on this FVD.