Deadly Lessons (2018)


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Under the guise as a math tutor, Tamara finds a way to reconnect with her abducted daughter but her father will do anything, even kill, to keep the truth hidden.

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Deadly Lessons Movie Reviews

It’s not often that a TV movie can make me emotional

But I was, a little, when the revelation came between the real mother, grandmother and newly found daughter as they sat together at the dinner table.

Paris Smith did an excellent job in her role. The other characters, too, played well. However, it was kind of glossed over why the “father” abducted a little girl in the first place. Was it just because his wife couldn’t have kids? That backstory wasn’t explained too well. But he didn’t seem to ~like~ his “daughter” at all, and she couldn’t stand the sight of him.

As the film ended and the girl said proudly that she now had TWO moms, I wonder how this sort of thing is handled in real life – and make no mistake that this or something like it has undoubtedly actually happened, given the huge number of children abducted every year in the USA. Does the girl now live with her real mom and only see her stepmom occasionally? Or the other way round.

Satisfying abdication story

Sometimes the lack of a twist for the sake of a twist is refreshing. A woman loses her child to an abductor in a park. When her friend spots a teenager who looks like her when she was the same age she becomes her tutor and sets about to reconnect with her. It’s quite involving to see how things play out. It’s a wish fulfilment story with a happy ending and it’s nice to see that.

Touching and thought provoking.

Nice story, decent acting, and a lot to think about since things like this really do happen. The plot moved along pretty well, but the whole thing with the boyfriend, and his anger, were not necessary. I would have liked to see some more of the dads dark side. It’s always fun to watch someone’s dark side. Without giving anything away as far as the ending is concerned, I kept wondering what would become of the two moms. I could describe it as easy and logical.