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The movie features three ghost stories set in Hong Kong, beginning with Vivian, who, after moving into a new place, gets involved in spooky incidents with her neighbors. The next story follows Scarlet, who unknowingly receives a tattoo with sinister secrets. The final story is about a group of university students, who awaken the vengeful spirits of a dead couple while live-streaming their ghost hunting expedition.

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Ghost Net Movie Reviews

A horror anthology without scares and proper contents…

‘Oh the joy’, is essentially what I was thinking when I stumbled upon “Ghost Net”. I picked up the movie and saw that it was a Hong Kong horror movie, so naturally I would bring the movie home and watch it, given my love and fondness of the Hong Kong cinema.

Well, “Ghost Net” (aka “Gwai Mong”) turned out to be a horror anthology. Which in itself is necessarily not a bad thing. But it wasn’t a great thing here, because the stories were boring, mundane and downright slow paced.

The first story was actually the movie’s highlight, as it was the most interesting, the most suspense filled and the most genuinely spooky story of all presented stories here. I managed to get through two and a half of the stories told in “Ghost Net” before I gave up. Because the air was fast leaking out of the balloon once the first story came to an end. I gave up halfway through the “Horror Online” segment.

There were some interesting enough ideas throughout the movie, the tattoo idea was actually interesting, but it just was so grotesquely boring on the screen. The idea of a staged online horror show was just laughable and had absolutely zero appeal to me, and that was the killing blow that made me give up on “Ghost Net”. It was the first storyline with the new tenant moving into a troubled apartment complex that was the most interesting, though the ending was just atrocious.

I will say that they actually had gotten together a pretty good assembly of actors and actresses to perform in the various segments. Most of the people here were new and unfamiliar faces to me, which is something that I always enjoy. So that was definitely a step in the right direction. Just a shame that everything else was abysmal.