Sharing Christmas (2017)

33% – Critics
false% – Audience

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Stephanie Nichols takes over the Christmas Shop, but a property developer has bought the building and is terminating the retail leases. She finds help and love from Michael Kilpatrick, who works for the developer.

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Sharing Christmas Movie Reviews

A Christmas store, closing at Christmas? We’ll have none of that…

An American television drama film; A story about a traditional seasonal store forced to close which also poses a problem for the store owner who strikes up a friendship with the real estate agent. As a Hallmark movie it is pleasurable in the ways that it is a programmer for family-oriented enjoyment, but it is a bit corny in parts and the chemistry between the two leads doesn’t sparkle quite as much as it should. Nevertheless, an attractive festive yarn set in a world where everything works out well in the end.

An overused premise

This Christmas movie which is new in 2017 uses a greatly overused premise. The pretty young lady, Stephanie, is about have her family business of 40 years evicted because of a new owner that wants to renovate. The handsome guy she just met and might have just a bit of romantic interest in is the one who will handle the renovation and thus is responsible for her eviction. One slightly different take is that this guy, Michael, immediately sees how precious the store is both to Stephanie and to the community. However, his boss is adamant about not finding a compromise. This last bit doesn’t ring true since otherwise his boss appears to be fairly reasonable and has at least some motherly affection for Michael, and she is leasing new businesses anyway.

The story doesn’t progress much beyond developing the relationship between Stephanie and Michael, and further demonstrating what has already been made plain, i.e. that the shop is precious and even a little unusual. It only remains to be seen which overused plot device will be found to save the store since it is hard to believe that a Hallmark movie could have an unhappy ending.

Ellen Hollman and Bobby Campo make an attractive couple as Stephanie and Michael. It is a bit unusual that they hit it off immediately without the usual conflict we usually have between the two that are obviously destined by the writers to be together. David Starzyk, as Stephanie’s father, provides a few humorous moments, but seriously Dan, couldn’t you be just a little quicker getting away with something without your wife seeing it?

While the characters are charming, the story is flat so I recommend this movie only for those who are truly addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies.

Cute story

I stumbled upon this show and immediately knew where it was filmed. Trolley Square is in Salt Lake City. It is a darling little mall that started out as an actual trolley/train station in the early days. I loved watching this show and seeing my city.