Framed by My Fiancé (2017)


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Daniel Hackett (Jason-Shane Scott) is a hotshot lawyer, who has just been appointed as the country’s youngest judge, is not paying attention when driving his fiance Jenny Fisher (Katrina Bowden) home. He swerves into the opposing lane to avoid a broken down vehicle causing the car coming towards him to crash and overturn, killing the other driver. Needing to be squeaky clean for his elevation to the bench he moves his unconscious fiance into the driver’s seat, placing the blame on her. A further complication is that the dead driver’s wife was pregnant and subsequently loses her baby. The justice system is pursuing the wrong person and it is up to Jenny try to clear her name.

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Framed by My Fiancé Movie Reviews

It was good up to a point

Once he killed the dead guy’s wife the film fell apart. Right after murdering her, he puts his fingerprints all over her dresser drawers, on top of the dresser, and all over her knick knacks like an idiot.

Police would check for his prints especially after his ex who he framed for the car crash told police she witnessed him kill her and follow her upstairs.

He even put his prints all over the door knob when trying to catch her. Also, the whole framing of the ex wouldn’t work because it boils down to her word against his and no solid proof who was really the driver.

I give it 4 stars because it was still watchable and the lead actress was pretty good.

Handling an Engagement Ring Like a Hot Potato

There is a pivotal scene in “Framed by My Fiancé” on which the entire action of the film turns. Jenny Fischer is riding in a car driven by Daniel Hackett. She is thrilled that Daniel has just proposed to her in a restaurant. During the drive, ol’ Butterfingers Jenny drops her beautiful engagement ring somewhere on the floor on the passenger side of the vehicle and desperately searches for it. She becomes hysterical. (Sorry, but that is the only word that can describe Jenny’s manic behavior.) As a result, Daniel takes his eyes off the road, and a crash ensues killing the other driver. This is the beginning of the end of the engagement of Jenny and Daniel.

The film raises an ethical dilemma when “Devil” Daniel asks “Butterfingers” Jenny to take the blame for the crash. Because he is about to be appointed a judge and has ambitions of running for governor of the great state of New York, “Devil” Daniel is aware that he “needs to keep his nose clean.” But the feisty Jenny refuses to admit that she was driving the car. May Langford, the widow of Michael who died driving to get May a stash of rocky road ice cream, uses all of her connections to ruin the life of Jenny, who finally decides to accept a plea bargain to avoid jail time for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Langford.

The most stunning reversal in the film is when Jenny and May bond on the common ground of exposing “Devil” Daniel as a hypocrite and a liar. While the odds are stacked against the women because “Devil” Daniel has become a judge, they nonetheless prove resourceful in researching the judge’s shady past.

Even when “Devil” Daniel murders May by conking her on the head with a vase, Jenny finds another female ally in her co-worker, the nurse and her best friend, Rosa. When “Devil” Daniel wanted Jenny to be a martyr in accepting the legal blame for the auto crash, he callously informed her that “you’re just a nurse,” contrasting her lowly social status to his self-importance as a potential judge and politician. But “Devil” Daniel never counted on the resolve of ol’ Butterfingers or the power impact that results from the mutual collaboration of two resourceful women.

A curious omission in the film was any degree of responsibility on the part of Jenny for erratic behavior in the car that distracted her husband from his driving. There is surely a life lesson to be learned from ol’ Butterfingers: when you receive marriage proposal, place your new ring on your finger, and don’t handle it like a hot potato when driving!!!


Interesting and involving premise. A nurse and her high flying lawyer fiancé are in a car accident that kills the other driver. He frames her for it to protect his career.

Katrina Bowden is the nurse and she is quite watchable. The scumbag fiancé is played by Jason Shane Scott. It’s quite fun to see how she gets justice with the dead man’s wife.