Royal New Year’s Eve (2017)

9% – Audience

Royal New Year’s Eve Storyline

Magazine assistant and aspiring fashion designer Caitlyn’s world is turned upside down when Prince Jeffrey and his presumed future fiancé Lady Isabelle come to town. Isabelle hires Caitlyn to design a dress for the royal New Year’s Eve ball where Jeffrey is expected to propose, which could launch the fashion career she’s always dreamed about. Navigating through her boss Abigail’s efforts to sabotage her, Caitlyn spends time creating a dress fit for a princess with her friend Doris, and planning the ball with Jeffrey. Caitlyn and Jeffrey begin to develop feelings for one another but Jeffrey’s royal commitment to marry Isabelle and assume the throne stands in between them. As the New Year’s Eve ball approaches, Jeffrey and Caitlyn must decide if they can overcome royal tradition to pursue their happily ever after.

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Royal New Year’s Eve Movie Reviews

Another prince and commoner story

I was loving this thanks to Jessy Schram and Sam Page. It was not unexpected that Abigail would try to interfere, but she was so blatant, obscenely blatant, that absolutely every one around Caitlyn could see it. The prince was oblivious. He should have recognized what was going on and stopped it. And Caitlyn is a total wimp. She just took it all. Given how important the opportunity was, she could easily have quit the magazine. But then we wouldn’t have had a story. A woman with this little backbone would be crushed being in a royal family. Jessy Schram often plays the totally energetic and optimistic woman. It seems she overplayed the obedient servant a little too much.

The story was full of humor and funny coincidences. Many of the lines early in the movie appear to be prophetic without the speaker realizing it.

Cheryl Ladd is perfect as the woman you want to throw in one of Prince Jeffrey’s dungeons. Possibly too perfect.

These movies are known for sappiness. This movie has it in spades. I think it is too much. I believe the ending could have been more subtle and therefore more moving.

Despite my complaints, I enjoyed this movie thanks mostly to Jessy Schram.

Cute premise

Nice story and chemistry with the leads, but the accents needed some work.

Cheryl Ladd’s character was an absolute witch.

Enjoyable overall – worth a view!

Good with a few Cinderella elements.

I want to mention that i’m not from the USA but I got to watch and tweet live. So yay!

Our main character has the opportunity of a life time when she gets to design the dress of the maybe future princess, but she didn’t expect to fall in love with “Jeff” the man who doesn’t carry the crown, after they have to work togethet to organize a ball.

The movie was good enough. Jessy Schram did a pretty good job as the lead character. She was basically Cinderella (as in Once Upon a Time) Honestly, I would watch all Hallmark movies Sam Page is in, and even though his character was as charming as usual, and making good decisions, the accent didn’t work work for me.

The chemistry between the actors was a pleasant one to watch, but I do believe Jessy was the best part of the movie.

I am SO grateful that the ending turned out that way and didn’t rush their relationship.

Definitely not the best movie but if you like these movies, it is one to watch.