Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape (2018)

100% – Critics
85% – Audience

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Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape Movie Reviews

A laugh a minute

Jim is on top form. He proves once again that clean comedy can be just as funny. One of the few comedians that doesn’t need profanity & shock value to make up for a lack of talent. A rare treat nowadays.

Always Good & Funny

Jim Gaffigan leads off with some jokes about his wife’s brain surgery, and it just gets better from there. He goes from topic to topic very smoothly, and makes each part of his comedy show funny and thoughtful.

No politics, nothing nasty, it is always relaxing fun and humor. I really appreciate watching his shows, and I occasionally re-watch a Jim Gaffigan show after a stressful day. It is great for letting go of stress!

Surprisingly funny and very well put together

I was a fan of Gaffigan’s early stand up but lately wasn’t too amused.. Don’t like the tv show very much… But this one felt very very different. Jim was rather confident and the way everything was tied together almost amazed me. Great jokes, I laughed many times, loved the impressions… Well done!