The Debt Collector (2018)

74% – Audience

The Debt Collector Storyline

French needs money to pay off his debts at his Dojo, in order to pay it off his mounting debt he enlists help from his partner Alex who sets him up as a Debt Collector. From here French quickly learns this wont be the easiest way to make the cash back. They land a big job to find someone and soon find out no one can be trusted in this game.

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The Debt Collector Movie Reviews

A solid low budget action comedy

THE DEBT COLLECTOR is a low budget but entertaining action/comedy vehicle that works reasonably well as a buddy-buddy comedy. Scott Adkins, my favourite martial artist working today, stars alongside the underrated Louis Mandylor, himself with an action connection having starred in Sammo Hung’s MARTIAL LAW TV show twenty years ago. The film was made by action director Jesse Johnson and, although it’s not as assured as his earlier Adkins flick SAVAGE DOG, it’s still an enjoyable film. It also has more character depth than you might expect, with both leads undergoing character arcs before a surprisingly heavy climax. Of course, most people will be watching this for the action and it doesn’t disappoint with a string of well-choreographed fight sequences which certainly pack more than a punch or two.


The chemistry between Luis Mandylor and Scott Adkins is amazing in this. Not sure whos idea it was and how they ended up together on screen, but you can tell they really work with and off each other more than nicely. Having said that, the story itself is nothing special. The title says it all – well you can guess what they do and it won’t take a genius to guess how they collect (or try to).

Great fight scenes overall, Scott Adkins has worked with this director a couple of times now, which is always a good thing when it comes to working smoothly. What may be a bit surprising (at least was for me), that Luis Mandylor looks quite good when he actually gets to fight! Scott Adkins you expect him to be great and he is, but Luis? Which may be a testament to the director, fight choreographer and the stunt man of course, but also to his willingness to learn a bit (and maybe he did have some prior boxing knowledge that I was just not aware of).

Combine all that and you get a more than decent and very amusing/entertaining movie. You have to like this stuff of course (blood and some nudity included)! If not than you won’t like it, simple as that.

Awesome in my book…….

Good acting, cast. good dialogue, reasonably good story, without and expected ending., Lots of action, no fillers, green screens or bungee cords. If this film had a ‘Gibson and Glover’ billing, it might have been a big summer film, for those who are drawn in by names. The two leads have been in some good movies, so, I enjoyed from start to finish. I’m no Ebert, but I watch 3 or 4 movies a week, and its getting tough to find some as entertaining as this.