Tom Segura: Disgraceful (2018)

100% – Critics
81% – Audience

Tom Segura: Disgraceful Storyline

Comedian Tom Segura rants about funny things about pop culture and the way of living in 2018.

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Tom Segura: Disgraceful Movie Reviews

Segura is on his top game again

I wasn’t a huge fan of “Mostly Stories” and thought Segura might have lost his touch after three good specials in a row (“Completely Normal”, “Thrilled” and “White Girls With Cornrows” are all great). Boy, was I wrong: With “Disgraceful” Segura comes back in full form and with more energy than ever. A lot of that energy might come from the weight loss win against that grease pile Burnt Kreysler. Segura continues to have a great track record and I’d heartily recommend the special to any comedy fan.

Sarcasm, my kind of humor

Stand up comedy is never easy. You have to have a natural talent for humor, sometimes improvising, and perfect facial expressions. Tom Segura has that. His shows are funny and Disgraceful is just what I wanted it to be. That some people think you can’t laugh with some subjects is their opinion but I think, and I’m not the only one, that you can laugh with anything as long as you don’t laugh with the handicap of a specific somebody. All the rest should be tolerated, as humor is the best cure for everything, even sarcasm, which in this stand-up comedy is overly represented. I had real good laughs, and even with the milder jokes I still had a smile on my face, so to me it’s definitely worth watching.

Good clean humor that is worth catching.

1/15/18. As funny as ever, Segura continues to entertain with good clean humor. I’ve seen his earlier stand-ups and he does not disappoint. This and his earlier stand-ups are worth catching.