The Escape of Prisoner 614 (2018)

20% – Critics
58% – Audience

The Escape of Prisoner 614 Storyline

Two inept, small-town Sheriff’s Deputies catch an escaped prisoner that they believe was wrongly convicted.

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The Escape of Prisoner 614 Movie Reviews

Not To My Taste

Martin Starr and Jake McDorman are a couple of dumb deputies. When they let George Sample III escape from custody, hard-as-nail sheriff Ron Perlman fires them. To recover their jobs, they decide to track Sample in the huge wildlife preserve.

Set in picturesque country during winter, it is adequately photographed by Adam Lee. Writer-director Zach Golden has made what is essentially a hillbilly comedy, run at a pace that is too slow for my taste, but which will appeal to some.

“If you’re into killing cops, I’m not even a police officer.”

Lordy Mama – Have you ever seen two dumber cops this side of Mayberry RFD? Andy Griffith only had to deal with one Barney Fife. And the thing is, the two goofball deputies were playing it straight while entirely incompetent. Even Ron Perlman looked like he had to grit his teeth and bear it through to the final outcome, which in his case, didn’t turn out all that satisfactory anyway. The only redeeming factor for me in this picture was the beautifully scenic locations of Ulster County, New York, exactly one county north of where I live, so the town names were familiar and my former company actually makes deliveries to the Phoenicia Diner. I wouldn’t bet on Marla (Sondra James) actually working there, but it wouldn’t be too hard to find out.

Among other puzzlements, I’m still wondering why The Sheriff (Perlman) drank his black coffee with eight sugars. Unless I missed it, the story never got around to answering that question, but it probably doesn’t matter. The story ends pretty much as it began, but with an additional participant playing cops and robbers. However if you believe that these three nincompoops could have been hired as Mounties by the Canadian government, there are a handful of bridges available for sale around here. Kind of cheap too. Actually, Prisoner 614/Andre (George Sample III) struck me as pretty much a regular guy who got hosed by the legal system, so why he even bothered to team up with the other two yokels once they crossed the border is beyond me.

The town and environs of Shandaken, New York has a couple of interesting aspects that the picture didn’t get around to mentioning. There’s a little hamlet within the town limits called Big Indian, and the name ‘Shandaken’ itself is derived from a Native American phrase, ‘land of rapid waters’. Had the movie included those two little gems it would have been a lot more entertaining.

My rating includes a bonus point for the gorgeous Mountie uniforms.

We didn’t quit. We got fired.

The film takes place in 1969. Two mediocre deputies who are not quite dumb and dumber are terminated from their employment for a lack of crime in their community. When prisoner 614 escapes from the Adirondack prison facility, they get the ideal if they apprehend the prisoner, they will get their job back. Ron Perlman plays the hard nosed sheriff who fired the deputies.

The film is a quirky light comedy. The deputies are inept and the sheriff is a stereotypical right winger. Note everyone smokes. I liked the old Lucky Strike pack.

Guide: no sex or nudity. Don’t recall any F-words.