Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster (2017)

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Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster Movie Reviews

Disaster sums it up

I remember when Jeff had me in tears from laughing so hard. I cringed through a majority of this. Taking snarky jabs at your ex, Jeff? Really? Harping about adopted kids being so bad that their birth parents just couldn’t stand to keep them? And the other reviewers were spot on with their description of the monstrosity that is his new character, Seamus. Not sure if it got better because at that point I turned it off. I can only assume that he was trying to be cutting edge with his political “jokes” or score points with an overseas audience, but I just couldn’t take any more. If you need a dose of Jeff Dunham, stick with his old stuff. This was an embarrassment.


I remember when Jeff used to be funny!! I even saw him in person in Pittsburgh in this smallish comedy club and were really close to the stage and I laughed out loud many times, but this special barely had me cracking a smile for the most part, and I only laughed out loud once during the whole 68 mins!! His new puppet, Seamus the baby, was not only NOT funny, he was hard to look at and could have been designed so much better!! For something supposed to be a human child, Jeff should have given him 10 fingers and 10 toes!! I’m glad there was no Sweet Daddy Dee cuz I never found him funny either, but he should NEVER have cut out Jose. Also, at the beginning, when he asks about why the special was filmed in Ireland, he goes into this big explanation, but NEVER answers the question. Thankfully, he does later on! The jokes about his age got old really fast and he didn’t need to have so many of the puppets talk about it either! I find it odd that there are numerous ventriloquists now that traded in their “older models” for younger ones once they got famous, and all the ones I’ve seen got less funny after they got remarried. Just an interesting fact!!

Usually great, but this special is mediocre

Big spoiler ahead – the whole act is basically about how old Jeff Dunham is. That’s it in a nutshell.

The majority of jokes are about his age, his wifes age or his kids.

Usually I love his shows, but this one just fell flat. Like others, I didn’t like his new puppet either. The ‘Irish’ baby really wasn’t funny, and the stereotype was cringeworthy.