Avicii: True Stories (2017)

83% – Critics
96% – Audience

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Avicii: True Stories Movie Reviews

More acces than insight

Avicii was a D.J. and artist, who achieved enormous success but who struggled under the immense workload he agreed to take on. He took to drinking heavily, retired, and eventually committed suicide. It’s a tragic story, but this account of his life is not particularly interesting or insightful. For a start, there’s no disection of his musical talents – indeed, I don’t know if the licensing fees were too expensive, but unusually for a film about a musician, frustratingly little of his music is even heard. Secondly, most of the film comprises Avicii sitting around, miserable, complaining about life, something we are shown at excessive length. It’s unclear why he agreed to be filmed having these conversations; moreover, the film cuts abruptly from his long-awaited retirement to a statement that he died, without any explanation of why the former evidently did not bring the release he craved. Having watched it, I can see how he grew tired of touring; but I still don’t really know why he was considered great, or why he felt his life was no longer worth living. Perhaps someone else will one day make another film that answers these questions.

A Sad Sad Story

Before watching this documentary, i had no idea who Avicii was.

It was heartbreaking to watch this fragile soul rise to meteoric fame and not be able to survive it. He may have had emotional and mental issues, but that isn’t what killed him. It was the leeches and hangers-on who saw him as a meal ticket and wrung every last dollar out of him before he just couldn’t take it any more. I am sure none of them blame themselves and only feel sorry for the fact that they have lost their sources of income. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

So True

Avicii, the one who shaped electronic music in unprecedented ways, has left us with the memory of his songs. Beyond being a legend in this industry, I’ve always admired his humbleness and sincerity. I know growing and living as an introvert is a hard task to endure, I am aware of this myself, cause I am an introvert too, but what striked me was the way he managed to overcome all the odds and rumors surrounding him, by pushing his limits and always pursuing the next level. His alcohol addiction looks so shocking to people, like he was the only one ever addicted to this kind of thing, but he did it for the reason to forget about the drama inside his head and enjoy the present moment while he was on stage. He may now be singing in heavens, but at least we are left with the remembrance of his everlasting music.