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A group of neuropsychology graduate students work to unlock the potential of the brain. One student, Adam, takes his lab work too far. When his self-induced experiment goes wrong, he unwittingly unlocks repressed memories and begins to be haunted by disturbing visions. As Adam digs deeper, he finds that there is someone who doesn’t want him to uncover the sinister truth. Adam and his friends must work together to help him confront his recollections and figure out what is truth and what are lies before it’s too late.—Jackie Dallas

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Look Into the Fire Movie Reviews

A Fantastic, Suspenseful, and Intriguing Mystery!

This film takes the psychological thriller and layers it with family drama, horror, and a mystery that will keep you discussing what the implications of the final frames are for the main character. It keeps you guessing right up until the end, but you enjoy the intrigue of the mystery throughout.

A top-notch cast led by Artie Shase and includes Gregg Henry (Guardians of the Galaxy, Slither) and Jackie Dallas (Stranger Things, Criminal Minds) brings the journey of diving into your brain to see if you could read someone’s mind in order benefit society.

Underneath the narrative that follows Adam, man on a mission to find out the truth about his past, is this theme of how we all perceive the world around us. It’s about the truth that exists and how it conflicts with the truth we remember.

A Solid Indie Thriller

Look Into The Fire is a well-constructed, taut, lean, and focused psychological drama. As a filmmaker, writer/director Tim Morrill has clearly been influenced by Alfred Hitchock, David Lynch, and Philip K. Dick. While he treads into similar territory as his influences, he never apes them. The cast of mostly unknowns turn in solid performances with Jackie Dallas as Sam, Artie Shase as Adam, and Nina E. Jordan as Janet being standouts. Well-known character actor Gregg Henry gives an enjoyable performance as Professor Hirsch. The music by Mariano Salino and cinematography by Matt Emanuel were both suitably moody without being flashy or calling too much attention to themselves. Joe Jefferson’s editing helped drive the story and create a tense pace.

Get Ready for a good thrill ride.

Look into the Fire is one of those movies that takes itself on a journey of twists and turns. But it does so naturally.

The acting is really solid in this film with everyone giving their A game. Jackie Dallas, who you may know from such television shows like Stranger Things, Magnum PI, and Criminal Minds, appears in this movie in one of her strongest roles, so if you are a fan of hers, you’ll love this one.

Gregg Henry from Slither and Guardians of the Galaxy is in this movie as well and man does he give an intense performance. Definitely one of my favorite character actors!

The camerawork and sound editing is top notch in this film, as well as the music score. Very moody and atmospheric, I was really drawn into the movie.