12 Days with God (2019)


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A true story based on the book of the same name by Devin Sherman. During a 12 day stay in the hospital, Devin has two major surgeries to remove a large cancerous growth behind his eye.

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12 Days with God Movie Reviews

Beautiful Story – Great Acting – Messages for us all

Just watched this movie on Pure Flix. Based on a true story. Has a surprise ending. It’s perfectly fine for kids 12 and up. Has a conflicted faith theme. Don’t be afraid to watch, despite the apparent subject matter – nothing will make you squeamish. Solid acting and directing – beautifully filmed. You’ll learn something – I did!

Strange that IMDB does not credit the lead character first: Devin Sherman is played by Tyrone Jackson, who delivers a powerful character at once strong, angry, sometimes violent, yet thoughtful, caring, and resilient. A tour de force for TiZak, revealing his range, depth, and genuineness.

Clare Lopez’s chemistry with Tyrone Jackson creates “the couple” that perseveres together – totally works from their first appearance on screen to the final moments. A lesser actress might let this role drift in secondary focus, but Clare brings it out in three full dimensions, and you come to really love her.

A wholesome thoughtful story – would recommend to anyone who likes the serious style of challenges faced, lessons learned, and exploring the reasons for steadfast faith.