Valentine’s Again (2017)

33% – Critics
false% – Audience

Valentine’s Again Storyline

Florist Danny enjoys delivering all over town in person, to witness bouquets bringing joy to receiver faces. Advertising executive Katherine however barely notices either, obsessed with her job and living single with a cat, although it doesn’t make her happy. On the way home after a bad, romance-free Valentine’s day, having lost a major account, she consults a Gypsy seer. On top of the prediction to finally meet the right man, she gets a spell which she only starts understanding the next morning: it’s a time-loop to relive that day until she actually noticed Mr. Right and bonded with him, which clearly isn’t going to happen soon, even though Danny and she grow closer and his hedonism starts to fertilize her sterile mentality.—KGF Vissers

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Valentine’s Again Movie Reviews

A groundhog valentine

Although the premise is not a new one, with the ‘Groundhog Day’ story being quite popular in film and television, it is a story that has been done well elsewhere and done to timeless ground-breaking effect in ‘Groundhog Day’. It was a nice idea too to base it around Valentine’s Day, which is a lovely occasion every year and one where it is understandable as to why anybody would want to relive it more than once. Being somebody who has that mindset with Christmas.

‘Valentine’s Again’ was quite cute and just scrapes the average mark by the skin of its teeth, but there was room for it to have been a good deal better than it turned out. This is a formula that has already been done a lot elsewhere and with much more freshness and to more inspired effect and ‘Valentine’s Again’ could have done a lot more. That sounds as though it is a bad film, but to me it wasn’t. Just not particularly good either and Hallmark did do better with their Love Ever After outings, as well as worse.

There are good things. It looks pleasing, with once again the scenery being particularly eye catching and one of the film’s biggest pleasures. The music is pleasant and doesn’t feel overused or spells out the emotions too much. It starts off quite well and quite cute and there are some amusing and heart-warming moments here and there.

Nicky Whelan and Greg Vaughan do more than acceptable jobs in their roles, particularly Whelan, and their chemistry seems natural and genuine. Marina Sirtis steals every scene she’s in and the easy standout of the supporting cast.

Other than her though, the rest of the supporting cast didn’t engage that much or seem particularly engaged. They were basically just there and doing the job but with not enough spark. Apart from some bright moments, too much of the dialogue doesn’t flow that naturally and tends to be on the corny and tired side. Wished that there was more development with the characters, the supporting characters particularly are genre cliches pretty much and nothing more, and the central relationship plays too much second fiddle to the ‘Groundhog Day’ gimmick.

Which could have been executed better. Due to having seen it done many times before and with nothing new done here, it did feel tired and is never particularly clever. The repetitions also could have had a lot more variety as it was like going round in repetitive circles.

In conclusion, has moments but merely average. 5/10.

Looking For Love

This variation on “Groundhog Day” gets the Hallmark treatment. It varies from the original in that a character—a gypsy fairy godmother—tells the lead character, Kat (Nicky Whelan), why her Valentine’s Day is repeating. It has to do with finding the right man.

As Kat relives the day, she tries to identify her possible life partner, but no one fits the bill. When she determines who he is, there is no spark. Some viewers may not like the choice Kat has to make for the relationship to work.

What you want in life may not be what you need.

I love a Hallmark movie with a strong life lesson. I liked this movie because of this. Admittedly I was getting a bit frustrated but it was worth it in the end. I am a giant fan of any kind of Cinderella type movie and that is why I watched this movie regardless of the low rating. I am glad I read the reviews to know this. It’s a great reminder of what is important in life.