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Good documentary to understand the whys and wherefores of this battle

In October 2016, the battle of Mosul began, which ended with Mosul finally being liberated. Lévy and his team are with the Kurdish units and the Iraqi special Golden Division forces step by step during the strategically complex operation, where the militant Jihadists with the black flag answer any advance with new attacks.

This documentary allow us to get into the heat of the moment, help us to understand the complexity of this battle. Bernard Henri Levy is not impartial, he is an activist of the Kurdish cause, and explain us really well the frustration of the Kurdish army when they are put away by the Iraky army. We see the huge split between Kurds and Iraqi Shiites, which suggests that problems are far from over in this region.

This documentary is a good documentary by the fact you are really next to the fighters, a lot of little events are showing us how hard is that conflict, and a reflection: will the foreseeable liberation of Mosul spell the definitive defeat of the Islamic State?