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Sam (10) and his family head off to the Dutch island of Terschelling on holiday, but his brother breaks his leg on their first day there. Bad luck for his brother, but the accident lets Sam meet Tess; a peculiar girl who has an ingenious plan for getting to know her birth father. She’s got just one week to make his acquaintance, and she decides that Sam should help her. Although Sam is forcing himself to practice being alone to protect himself from future grief, he discovers during his adventures with Tess how important family really is.—BIND

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Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess

The world is not just America and England. Cinema isn’t just about blockbuster movies and gaudy festivals. Somewhere movies are being made about the little world of little people. Not for money, fame, reward. This movie is one of them.

Tess is perfectly real.

Coming of age movies have become a rare genre and excellent ones even rarer. My Extraordinary Summer with Tess deserves a place with the classics, a near perfect C of A movie.

To begin with, the scenery around the Dutch island is fabulous. I always wondered what those Friesland islands look like, and now I know. Miles of nearly empty white sand beaches, but beware of the muddy quicksand at low tide, as you will see. In addition, the lighthouse becomes, to me, an important character.

Eleven-year-old, Josephine Arendsen plays Tess and switches between moods lightning fast. Unlike many off the present day crop of Coming of Age movies, she is utterly real. Not adorable, not particularly feminine or pretty, or nerdy, she just comes across as a real person. I suppose my favorite part is when she shows Sam, the young boy who falls in love with her, her diary documenting the search for her father. Sam, bumbles his way through being Tess’ companion in her search, his relationship with her echoing through his head while he wanders the island training himself to be alone.

I am not much of a reviewer, but since this movie doesn’t seem to have a review, and was featured on IMDb today, I wanted to let folks know that I have included my copy along with the best of Coming of Age movies and highly recommend it.