Stallone: Frank, That Is (2021)

56% – Critics
67% – Audience

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Often regarded as “Rocky’s brother” and long living in Sylvester Stallone’s giant shadow, Frank Stallone has spent more than 50 years carving out a career as a multi-faceted entertainer. “STALLONE: Frank, That Is” takes us behind the scenes, from Frank’s days growing up in Northeast Philadelphia and singing on street corners; from getting his first break writing and performing an original song in “Rocky”. Navigating around his brother’s skyrocketing success, Frank charted his own path, becoming a world-renowned singer, songwriter, musician and actor, garnering nominations for both Grammy and Golden Globe awards. Featuring never-before-seen interviews with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more, “STALLONE: Frank, That Is’ is a fun look at the little-known story of the true underdog behind Philly’s favorite underdog.

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Stallone: Frank, That Is Movie Reviews

Ok, why not.

If you gonna watch this docu, you already know this ain’t about Sly but about his brother. And why not, all his life the world saw him as ‘the failed brother’, and now you get the chance to see a docu about a talented man with the surplus of knowing how it feels to stand in the shadow of a world star actor.

The pace is a bit too fast in the beginning, it feels sometimes like a fast summation. But further I really enjoyed this documentary. Good entertainment with a touch of light drama.

REALLY Enjoyed!

I did not know Frank Stallone was such a big part of my life growing up in the 80’s! WOW! “I’m Never Gonna Give You Up” and, dang, “Far From Over?” And absolutely loved his character in Tombstone!

Quite worth the watch…

Granted, I didn’t really expect much from this 2021 documentary. But still, I sat down to watch it, as I am vaguely familiar with Frank Stallone, being Sylvester’s brother and all, and having seen him in a couple of movies. So, naturally, as I was being interesting in learning more about this guy, I sat down to watch this 2021 documentary.

And I must say that this was definitely well worth the time and effort. “Stallone: Frank, That Is” turned out to be such an informative documentary, and it really shed so much light on this guy for me. I didn’t even know that he was a singer.

I have to admit that a lot of new things about Frank Stallone was revealed to me as I watched this documentary. And I must also say that after having seen this 2021 documentary, then I am perceiving this man in a whole new light. He is so much more than just the brother of Sylvester Stallone. I am really impressed with his commitment to his craft and art, and also how very talented he is.

This was definitely an enlightening documentary, and it is one that I can warmly and highly recommend that you sit down to watch, should you find yourself given the opportunity.

There are some nice interviews with people close to Frank, both family, colleagues, fellow musicians, friends, etc. So it is more than just Frank Stallone telling his own story.

My rating of “Stallone: Frank, That Is” lands on a most well-deserved seven out of ten stars. This was highly informative and equally enjoyable and entertaining.