The Anthem of the Heart (2017)


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Takumi is on his class’ community outreach group. His teacher assigns more students to the group including a student who, due to a mishap, has foregone speaking. The class has to perform a musical, but volunteers brave enough to perform are hard to come by. The reluctance slowly begins to wash away when the aforementioned girl makes an effort to perform. As the day of the performance approaches will the students be able to overcome their reluctance and go for it?

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The Anthem of the Heart Movie Reviews

A bit tedious and very Implausible

So I’m supposed to believe this chick has stopped talking since blabbering out a secret as a child which caused her parents to divorce and she’s made it all the way into high school without every uttering another word? And the way she acts is not even remotely believable. She basically behaves like a beaten dog with heavy autism on top. Totally exaggerated. It’s just tedious to watch. It does get a bit better in the second half but the story isn’t too captivating either so instead it’s boring, especially for two hours.

Good Enough

If you have watched the anime with the same title, then there won’t be many surprises here. The story fallows the same story of the anime movie, taking off some parts only here and there, but the main story and meaning are the same. However, they did an excellent job when it comes to bringing the magic elements to life, without making a fantasy movie. The fantasy elements were handled for what they were: an insight to the girl’s mind. She had created that myth because of the guilt she felt about seperating her parents and she had manifested it into a musical later on, a play that explained everything to everyone. For the acting part, all the actors were good and brought out the exact emotions that were needed for the story.