Don’t. Get. Out! (2018)

  • Year: 2018
  • Released: 12 Apr 2018
  • Country: Germany
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: German
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Runtime: 109 min
  • Writer: Christian Alvart, Alberto Marini
  • Director: Christian Alvart
  • Cast: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Nora Huetz, Jasmina Al Zihairi
  • Keywords: car bomb, blackmailer,

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Don’t. Get. Out! Movie Reviews

Entirely unnecessary remake

“Steig. Nicht. Aus!” is a remake of the Spanish thriller “El desconocido” (or known in the USA under its equally non-specific title “Redemption”), and as the older movie is currently on Netflix in my region and I like to compare different adaptations of the same story, I watched the Spanish film before going into the German update.

So, having seen the same story a couple days prior, my problem with “Steig. Nicht. Aus!” wasn’t as much that it was terribly made (it’s at least more watchable than most movies I would give 3 stars), it’s that the movie gave me nothing new that I didn’t already get out of “Desconocido”. In fact, some aspects of the remake are a few steps below the original.

Take, for example, the opening scene, which is the only scene that writer-director Christian Alvart doesn’t lift from the Spanish version: Our main character talks to a strange woman on a plane about his fear of flying, which stems from his not being able to just step the vehicle and get out. Get it? Because he won’t be able to get out of his car either, once the film stars proper. Foreshadowing!

The opening scene quickly morphs into the that of “El desconocido,” and from that point onwards Christian Alvart’s script is little more than a German translation of that movie’s script. This practice of making the same movie again in a different language is very irritating to me, because the experience of watching this movie can be almost completely replaced by watching an earlier movie – and one that is much better made.

Much of this movie revolves around main actor Wotan Wilke Möhring sitting in a car and talking to people on his phone. Sadly, he is no Tom Hardy (or “Desconocido”-star Luis Tosar, for that matter). He alternately under- or overacts, leading to some unintentionally funny moments. Luis Tosar in “El desconocido” was able to portray different levels of concern and panic, slowly growing more stressed as the film went on. Möhring just gets rid of every emotion that isn’t extreme anger or slight uncomfortableness.

The direction is equally unsubtle, with many cheesy zooms in Möhring’s face when he is in beast-mode. The music is also quite overbearing, at least in the beginning. The supporting actors do a good job, and the film is overall probably quite watchable if you’ve got nothing better to do with your evening. If you have the choice between this and its predecessor, I would strongly advise you to watch the other one, though.

Major disappointment

“Steig. Nicht. Aus!” is a new German thriller from 2018 written and directed by Christian Alvart, who not too long ago made the headlines with his Til Schweiger cinema Tatort that was not too well-received, but honestly this 105-minute mvoie we have here is even worse. way worse. The premise does not sound too bad. It is about a man in a car with his two children and he is threatened via telephone that there is a bomb under the car that will explode the moment he or anybody else gets out of the car. I have heard other reviewers say that it reminded them a bit of the Colin Farrell movie Phone Booth, also with the claustrophobic component, and yes I thought of that too right away. But it really is just in theory this way because in practice, absolutely everything goes wrong that can go wrong here. The script is a mess on many occasions. The characters are written in a way where they make hardly any sense. The complete lack of shades in Herzsprung and Jovanovic is the best example. Actually, the moment Herzsprung enters the picture, is where it all gets even worse. It was weak before that already, but it gets really bad afterward. But it’s not even all Herzsprung’s fault. The film is packed with complete lack of realism, especially in the second half. Are they really trying to convince us that they did not even check the brother’s ID before they let him talk to the man in the car. And this is just one example. The entire movie is proof of how the ambition is there to make a quality thriller, but the execution is really really failure level no matter which perspective you take. Even Möhring, who is usually a solid actor I guess, had 2 or 3 very bad overacting moments. Hardly anything here makes sense and would have happened like that in real life. This refers to the plot twists, including the of-course very forced happy ending, but also to all kinds of details that feel very shoddy. The punctuation in the title is already fairly cringeworthy in my opinion. And yes the song used for the closing credits was another wtf moment because it did not fit at all. This film is the opposite of quietly convincing, it is loud, boastful and hecticel, which by definition is not a problem as there are more than enough films fitting this description that are well-executed. But this one here not at all. The only one I can give a thumbs-up to is probably Emily Kusche who was fine all the time basically and it’s not her fault how this turned out. Christiane Paul is okay too I guess, but she also did not have too much screen time and too much to work with. And all of them just like Marc Hosemann (in theory a great villain choice) clearly suffered at times from the way their characters were written, like for Paul for example the stupid cheating story line. The ways in which they wanted to show us how everbody is flawed in terms of morals and character, also the protagonist as we find out eventually, was handled in a very amateurish manner. And the entire film suffered from the way the story was written. It was basically a Cobra 11 cinema version at times, probably even worse as Cobra 11 at least has an okay episode here and there. I don’t want to go into detail really about the exact scenes and moments where the film sucked, but you will easily recognize them. The longer it goes, the more frequent these scenes become. It is such a pity. Maybe my hopes were initially also too high for this film and that has to do with my disappointment, but come on. With this interesting premise, the film really could not have been any worse. The trailer actually looked decent from what I remember. But the dialogue writing also feels extremely unrealistic, in many scenes in a way that the characters never would talk like. It”s also a really generic movie. When they are going for emotion, it’s never successful. One example early on is how the two kids, usually arguing, suddenly stick together when they find out about the situation. And the boy basically had nothing to do all film because he was basically bleeding out inside the car. The way Yardim’s character’s car exploded early on was intended to make obvious that the situation is serious and no joke, but I never felt the tension and basically always know how they’d go out. And the longer it went, the less I cared about the actual explanation then. So overall, this is a movie that hits absolutely all the wrong notes in a manner I never would have expected. What a bummer. Huge thumbs-down. Highly not recommended.

Watch at own misery

Just please dont watch this movie if you someone who prefer movies which actually make sense. This movie could have been good if the plot was thoroughly planned. 1) It can be logical if the wife suspicious when her husband instruct her to empty their account and leave the money elsewhere. But when the polices believe that the husband, Karl was keeping their children as hostage in the car with bomb & ask her to talk to him, she make it sounds as if he could be that heartless to kill their kids. She could have say, despite their wreck marriage he wont do that. 2) The police actually let someone claiming to be “Karl’s brother” (w/o confirming his identification or cross refer to Karl’s wife about the stranger’s identity), approach rhe car they were stuck in. It was only later that the bomb squad leader decided to cross check with Karl’s wife. The police had also simply believe a false info given by lover of Karl’s wife who claimed to be her lawyer. Again only later on they recheck the info given by asking Karl’s wife. 3) when the chief of bomb squad called the wife to cross check regarding the “profile” they’ve accumulated about Karl, then only she told the chief that there’s no way Karl would do it + he loves their children, that they have no financial prob & Karl was not an addict to gambling (false info). 4) they actually let the guy claiming to be “Karl’s brother” away. Which lead to him able to get to Karl a step ahead from the police near the end. 5) both the police leading the operation & the chief of bomb squad did not share info regarding the situation leading to many misunderstanding. They could have realised earlier that karl was not holding their children as hostage but instead they all are hostages. 6) shouldnt the police & the chief of bomb squad learn body languange to read the criminal movement/ tendencies? If not shouldnt they one pyschologist available at site to observe their behaviours to predict his move. Its obvious Karl was in distressed & showing multiple symptoms of a victim needing help. 7) the most unreasonable one would be,how can his kid got shot. In the legs. When the bullet came from the front. It is only logical if it hits the father or the kid (Marius) upper abdomen. 8) They have confiscated his car key, & still felt like Karl is a bad guy when it is so obvious he only manage to start his car & escape after they send in the real bad guy claiming to be “Karl’s brother”. 9) They aware that the mic they put on “Karl’s brother was cut off which should have raised the alarm since it happen before “Karl’s brother” manage to reach the car, in other words, he purposely get rid of the mic so that they cant hear his convo with Karl. That being said, they should have at least felt suspicious & put him under surveillance afterwards. So yeah, this movie is poorly plan, too many plot holes & things that dont make sense.