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As a spate of brutal homicides spreads across the city, Officer Miller finds himself neck-deep in trouble, trying to deal with something far beyond his comprehension and powers. People say an infernal “Demon Cop” has been terrorising the weak, linking its superhuman strength to a dark secret dating back decades. Either way, someone, or better yet, something, prowls the streets, killing innocents. And with the police station’s New Year’s Eve party just around the corner, no one is safe from harm, including detectives. But an ancient evil has latched onto the town, demanding blood. Who can stop the Amityville disease?—Nick Riganas

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For cop sakes, get out of the police station

You know, I find myself cursed by Amityville more than anyone because I have the kind of OCD that demands that every single time a new Amityville-related film comes out – however tenuous and damn, they can get tenuous – I have to watch it and document it for you, dear reader. Just like Ronald Joseph DeFeo Jr. Felt compelled to murder his family, I feel the horrific pull. And no one dies, except for time which is the resource we never get back.

Imagine my surprise when Amityville Cop, a movie that has nothing at all to do with Amityville, was actually pretty good!

Sure, it’s a ripoff of Maniac Cop, but is that such a bad thing?

Directed by Gregory Hatanaka (Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance) and written by Geno McGahee (Satanic Meat Cleaver Massacre), this has the requisite cop killing homeless people, but if he’s powered by a Satanic ritual gone wrong led by Laurene Landon – from Maniac Cop and Maniac Cop 2 – I think all can be forgiven.

Someone yells, “He looked like a cop but he was the devil,” which is a thing I have thought many times. And sure, the humor is forced, the effects are bad, the stock footage is overused and a rocket launcher is represented by fireworks – and oh yeah, no one even says the words Amityville – but I was entertained.

For anyone writing reviews saying, “This is the worst Amityville movie I’ve ever seen,” at least this is only 68 minutes and I have a murderer’s row of Amityville films that are worse.

Lame maniac cop ripoff

Amityville Cop opens with an adequate kill scene reminiscent of the original Maniac Cop. We are then treated to a horrible comedy scene between our main character Detective and his captain with a bizarre swing music soundtrack.

The rest of the runtime consists mostly of very stilted dialogue scenes shot in the police station (someone’s empty house), stock drone footage, and non-gory kill scenes.

The casting of Laurene Landon as a cult leader solidifies the Maniac Cop ‘inspiration’. Cult favorite Lisa London also appears as the only two notable faces on display. The rest of the cast are regulars of Hatanaka’s other films and little else.

Speaking of director Gregory Hatanaka, he was also the director of the abysmal Samurai Cop 2 along with a number of small films, but seems to make his living as a distribution consultant on larger films and somehow was a music supervisor on Kill Bill.

Most recent Amityville films have little to do with the house, but there seems to be no tie whatsoever with Amityville Cop. It’s not even a good sequel to Maniac Cop either.

Bottom line: boring story, bad cast (especially the lead detective’s terrible attempts at being funny), little action or kills make for a very bad film. Still, at least the runtime is a mercifully short 68 minutes and it’s not the worst of the endless Amityville films (Amityville Witches or Amityville Vanishing Point earn that title… for now…)

Not that bad

Not that bad if was that boring I wouldn’t watched till end could done with more people and action in there I.think there might be another one comming out.