The Lost Brother (2017)

  • Year: 2017
  • Released: 01 Sep 2017
  • Country: Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, France
  • Adwords: 4 wins & 14 nominations
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Spanish
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Runtime: 112 min
  • Writer: Israel Adrián Caetano, Nora Mazzitelli, Carlos Busqued
  • Director: Israel Adrián Caetano
  • Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Daniel Hendler, Erasmo Olivera
78% – Audience

The Lost Brother Storyline

Cetarti, a public employee who has just been fired, travels from Buenos Aires to Lapachito, a lonely town in the Chaco province. He must take care of the corpses of his mother and brother who have been brutally murdered, and with whom no bond of affection binds him. The only thing that mobilizes Cetarti to undertake the trip is the possibility of charging a modest life insurance to be able to settle in Brazil. There he meets Duarte, a sort of town capo and friend of his mother’s murderer, with whom he establishes a strange society to manage and collect that money.

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The Lost Brother Movie Reviews

A dry and unforgiving thriller with western overtones


Notable film by Israel Adrián Caetano that follows in the footsteps of Cetarti, an unemployed person who travels to a lost town in the Chaco (in the north of Argentina) to recognize the bodies of his murdered mother and brother and must link up with Duarte, friend and executor of the murderer.

Rising tension and violence, in a western-tinged thriller with relentless dryness and dramatic progression.


Cetarti (Daniel Hendler) arrives at a lost town in the Chaco (in the north of Argentina) to recognize the bodies of her mother and her brother recently murdered by her partner at the time. Duarte (Leonardo Sabaraglia), a retired NCO friend and executor of the murderer, is the one who summons Cetarti for that recognition and collect life insurance.

What follows is an increasingly black story, based on Carlos Busqued’s novel Under this tremendous sun: Cetarti, unemployed and having severed ties with his family a long time ago, only seems interested in raising money. Duarte also tries to profit from the situation, but the plot also introduces us to his criminal activities, counting on the complicity of Daniel, the son of the deceased.

The precision with which Israel Adrián Caetano paints the different settings and their characters and the dryness with which they develop and resolve the situations is remarkable. As it progresses, the story accumulates a strange mixture of calm, tension and violence, in such a way that this thriller, due to its locations and its spirit, could also be described as a western.

Sbaraglia composes a fearsome ruffian, but with a successful berreta component and with this role he once again shows not only that he is one of the best Argentine actors but perhaps the most versatile. His counterpoint to the unflappable (and impenetrable) character of Hendler, whom nothing that happens seems to affect him, is very effective. Alian Devetac also shines, like young Daniel, a very dark character.

How to make money without too much scrupules

Not all Argentinian movies are good, far from that, but this one is certainly interesting to watch as the cast did a very good job with their respective performances. Especially Leonardo Sbaraglia as the sleezy greaceball Duarte, a con-man that hustles his way through life. Nothing is bad enough to make himself some ‘plata’. But also Alian Devetac as Danielito, his compagnon in crime, just doing it for the weed. His miserable look was perfect in the context of the story. And then there was Daniel Hendler as Cetarti, the lost brother, a bit naive but in the end also up to make some cash without questioning too much if it’s right or wrong. The story is interesting to watch, with a dark malevolant ambiance. And also perfect to practice my Spanish a little bit.

A Really Well Done Movie – Exceptional In Every Way

01/23/2020 I like movies that reflect reality, this is one of them. Storyline with enough twists to keep you thinking. A cast of professional real life actors that play their parts to perfection. This is a really good movie. Watch for yourself and you’ll agree. Bon Appetit