Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 (2017)

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Definitely More Relevant Than Ever

John Ridley’s powerful documentary is mandatory viewing on Los Angeles, California from 1982 to the Rodney King beating in 1991 and the riots in 1992 after the verdict of not guilty against the four policemen acquitted by a largely white jury. You had video footage of the beating.

The two hours was riveting viewing last night three years later on television. It was edited on television. I wished they showed the entire documentary. The director had different perspectives which helped broaden our views.the director had views from African Americans; Korean Americans; police officers and others.

In 2020, this documentary speaks more than ever.

Nothing has changed

The LAPD come across like scum in this and that is an accurate portrayal. This documentary takes a unique and in-depth look at the years and events leading up to the city-wide violence that began April 29, 1992, when the verdict was announced in the Rodney King case. However that verdict was just the last straw for the African American Community of Los Angeles.

This film wisely shows us events that help ignite the riots of 1992. For years Daryl Gates was the chief of police & had a KKK mentality. This filtered down all through the LAPD.

In this documentary we learn for years the community was speaking about how they were treated. Not only were they treated bad by the police but also but court system and merchant owners.

The police involved with the beating of Rodney King really showed no remorse in what they did. In fact they acted proud of it. Even though later 3 of the four of the police officers no longer worked for the LAPD they were still working as police officers in other areas. (That is however not covered in this film).

During the riots we learn about the 4 people that were heroes that saved a mans life. That is something that the media really never covered.

I lived in the LA area when this happened and knew about most of the cases they were featured in this. What I didn’t know was that the LAPD did kill several black men with a choke hold. Today nationwide cops now just shot you.

WE also learn that the 4 police officers lied in their reports about the Rodney King arrest and yet the racist Simi Valley Jurors did not convict them of that.

Now 25 years later there has been more murders of black men by police officers and most of them never get convicted. So don’t be surprised when we have another uprising.

No Justice! No Peace! The Klan is alive & well and its in your local police department

return to that era

This follows 10 years of events leading up the 1992 L.A. riots. It touches on the chokehold, Daryl Gates, the Olympics, the Rodney King beating, store keeper Mrs Du’s killing of Latasha Harlins, and finally the not guilty verdict in the Rodney King trial.

It’s 25 years later. The recent O.J. shows have reignited interest in the events of that era in L.A. The first half lays out the situation over that 10 years period. The second half recounts those harrowing days concentrating on a few stories including interviews with those convicted of the Reginald Denny beating. Bobby Green’s calling from God is probably the most emotional moment. I certainly hope for a ray of light from the higher power in this darkest day. This is not an all-encompassing documentary of the event. It touches on most of the important issues and players in the story although it may not be the final word. It does bring the viewer back to those days of chaos.