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A social media couple’s camping trip is ruined by filmmakers making a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down off social media and kill them.

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A mixed and twisted bag …

When a film decides to wrong-foot the audience with pretty large twists and turns, as this does, things could either become very good or very bad. It’s a risk I applaud the makers for.

To begin with, the characters are pretty obnoxious, but as events spiral, we are encouraged to feel sorry for them, and see that their lives lived on vlogs are merely self-promoting and not really doing anyone any harm. Then things go beyond that. Then things go beyond *that.* Do events become ridiculous? Oh yes.

For my money, the first third of the film is okay – we get past the hopelessly-in-love perfect-couple and into an intriguing premise. The second act is where everything is turned on its head and things get very creepy and entertaining. The third act is where another layer is added – but unfortunately this final twist is badly (and hurriedly) executed. However, it does go some way to debunking the mushiness of the opening sequences via some home truths from the character of Brooke (Amanda Delaney), and for that it earns an extra point.

A mixed bag then, but commendable nonetheless, despite a tepid finale. My score is 7 out of 10.

Not even deserve rate 1

What was that really worst movie ever dont waist ur time


This movie has to have one of the worst ending ever. I was expecting more from it.