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Fate / Grand Order: First Order – Interesting approaches but nothing incredible

Another animation from the Fate series, Grand Order can be watched as a separate animation, but the knowledge of previous animes help in understanding. It becomes a fun anime, but with little time to explore your characters he ends up ending the battles very quickly and setting aside empathy for the characters. Finally, its ending remains totally confused and opens doors for continuation, but because it is an animation it should be better scripted from beginning to end.

Just play the game.

I’ve been playing the Fate/Grand Order mobile game for almost a year now*, and I honestly enjoy it a lot. I’ve had my eye on this anime since I started getting into the Fate series about a year and a half ago*, and just today* I decided to watch it.

Fate/Grand Order: First Order is based entirely off of the first story section in the game: Singularity F (“World 1”, if you will). The anime started off promising, but then it started to feel rushed, and then there were some plot holes, and then it ended on a cliffhanger that was basically telling you, “Wanna know what happens next? Get the game.”

In the end, this entire anime just felt like an advertisement promoting the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. (And this is the part where I start promoting the game) I’m just going to tell you right now, the mobile game is much, MUCH better than this in terms of both story & enjoyment. So, as the title of this review suggests, if you want Fate/Grand Order at it’s full potential, just play the game.

Final score: 4.7/10

* as of when I wrote this review

Need to see the fate series first

This anime is for those that understand the fate series… fate stay night Fate zero Fate stay night unlimited blade works Ect If your just watching it as a first timer. You won’t have a clue what’s happening.