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Córdoba, Argentina, 2013. Everyone gets ready to participate in Cura Brochero’s beatification. Santiago is a 55-year-old independent producer who is about to make a film (with scarce funds) about Cura Brochero’s life. Luciano is a 40-year-old actor who leads a miserable, hectic life marked by excesses and weaknesses. Their stories get intermingled when Luciano accepts, out of necessity, a proposal to take part in this movie project and is asked to play Cura José Gabriel Brochero. As the film develops, the life and personal examples of Brochero, The Cura Gaucho, will constantly exhort Luciano’s current lifestyle and mindset to be revised, which leads to a crisis in his innermost nature that will force him to reconsider several aspects of his life. At the end of the movie, Luciano decides to take up the Spiritual Exercises recommended by Brochero as a means to change a person’s life. The film, produced by Maranatha Civil Association, is a fiction movie that thoroughly narrates The Cura Gaucho’s life resorting to Luciano and Santiago’s stories. Through this “film within a film”, the producer clearly shows us how the ideals and human values of great men like Brochero can transform and improve our lives.

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