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A contemporary who-dunnit, with a splash of supernatural, set in a college campus somewhere in India (a la Indian Institute Of Technology) where a few mysterious deaths occur and the only common link between the victims is that, seconds before their deaths, they all accepted a ‘facebook friend request’ from a certain profile page of Mona_Darling. The person behind the said page, Mona happens to be missing. Her friend, and a fellow student, Sarah recruits the help of a classmate, Wiki – a borderline sociopathic genius. This odd-couple of amateur sleuths carry on their investigation as the story leads them into unexpected corners and terrifying revelations. It’s a pacy thriller, confined to limited locations on one single campus, populated by fresh, sexy, young characters that can be executed on a fairly shoestring budget. More importantly it captures the present zeitgeist of young India and its obsession with social networking.

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Mona_Darling Movie Reviews

Copied or say made almost to Hollywood movie that i have seen..

There was a Hollywood horror movie that i saw 3 years back. It has almost same story, but here in this movie something differs. The net profile horror is as same as seen in this movie. But they have made some changes in movie like this guy is on experimenting. But through cam and this female remembers her profile and so the paranormal entitee reaches to the profile, whomever watches the profile dies. They have try to made the movie best. But if the users around the globe have watched this movie then definitely they are dropping down the rating just like i did. I don’t know why bollywood movie doesn’t comes with new ideas instead they always copy. The movie is also not so interesting, there is over acting a lot. It also seems that it is low budget movie. The locations that they have taken in this movie are very less. So it should be low budget movie. Screening is good. But again over acting is a lot in this movie. I would have rated this movie if they have come with new ideas, but the idea is copied from Hollywood movie. If they are thinking that after few years releasing this movie and people won’t get idea, then that’s their mistake. If the horror movie was made with a story where a women is on live cam with someone and killed in his/her own house where someone is killing him/her on live and then she goes for revenge on net as her friend was on live too and she was not able to help her friend as he/she was afraid as she would be killed the same way. And a threat from the killer. Now that’s what i am talking about, the thriller and horror begins here. Most Hollywood movies target college profiles, why ? when you have a better horror movie for single women staying in apartment and be killed. And then starts the story. I am not the movie maker, but yes, i have seen more then 2000 films. I have ideas.

poor movie

this movie seems to have the suspense that will attract you to view this movie,but the casting seems to be a group of amateurs actors and actresses. their make-up, clothing and the decor are all of poor quality.the movie is not even of Grade-B quality. the script can be said to be average,and it is not even a one-time movie.

Poorly Executed

The Movie could have been so much better. They start of like usual horror movies and as the plot thickens they try non-linear narration. Although it works in Hollywood but this is an amateur attempt at non-linear narration. The makers purposely confuse you so that you keep thinking and rewinding to understand but it gets really tedious. The climax then explains you the events in a linear way. Sanjay Suri actually takes the pain to explain the whole thing to you in the climax.Anshuman Jha is the only bearable actor in this film. Others are trying too hard. One time watch but not what i expected. It is just a mashup of borrowed concepts from Hollywood.