Ram Dass, Going Home (2017)

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67% – Audience

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Grace and Love !!!!

Having known and being an Ayurvedic doctor to Ram Dass for may years, I love Him dearly. Director Derek Peck captured the essence and insight of the Spirit of Ram Dass, in such a gross yet subtle way. The film was an excellent example of a great Director who really knew how to zone on what is in the mind, heart and spirit of one of our Great Spiritual Teachers of the 21st Century. I love the part that Ram Dass explains His love for Hanuman and why His Guru, Neem Keroli Baba gave Him the sacred name, RAM DASS (The servant of the Hindu God RAM, from the epic story, The Ramayana). A great Powerful film, to raise the consciousness to a higher level, for everyone who experiences it !! Blessings to Director Derek Peck for bringing this into the Light. Love, Kanubhai dasa


Simply beautiful. Love everything…everything

Please watch this short film. It’s perfect in in every way. Life is beautiful


The film is touching,mesmerising and insanely beautiful. The movie takes you on a nostalgic trip to the land of unknown, the cinematographers have done a wonderful job. There is a calming and a soothing play of the soundtrack along with soothing visuals. The film could have been longer . Simply stunning.