Mad Families (2017)

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in need of smarter writing

It’s July 4th weekend. Various families of different ethnicities arrive at camping site 16. A paper work mistake left the three families stuck with one camp ground. They try to share at first but tension rises. The ranger suggests a competition for the winner to stay and kicking out the other two families.

The premise has possibilities until the lazy competition idea is injected into the script. I don’t know much about Fred Wolf but he seems to be the head SNL writer for awhile. This has that silly skit pitch concept that he and David Spade expanded into a full movie. At least, Spade is not acting in this. Instead of trying for smart inter-racial writing, they go for cheap jokes that don’t really work and a clunky concept. The directing is poor and the writing is muddled. There is a repetitiveness to scenes with two characters coming to some profound understanding of race and life. In addition, I don’t want to watch Charlie Sheen anymore although this has a few good comedians. The kids could have been a good way to contrast the generations but they aren’t particularly effective actors. There are too many characters and this is in need of some smarter writing.

Not even Charlotte McKinney can save this piece of crap.

Big Charlie Sheen fan here, he’s completely wasted in this flick. Defitelyu worthy of Crackle, but not worthy of your time. Dennis Quaid makes a funny cameo, and McKinney makes for some good eye candy when she’s not bitching at Charlie or making ugly faces, but this thing is just not funny.

“We have become a nation of soft pussy people.” OK, thats the highlight of the movie. You’ve been warned.

The Racial “Joke-off” Is Only Funny Scene…

I managed to see this brand-new Crackle original comedy the other day. Charlie Sheen and Leah Remini head up a cast of 3 families of different racial backgrounds who compete for a camping spot on one 4th of July weekend, and all chaos ensues. Dennis Quaid has a little cameo as the park ranger, and producer David Spade as an intervention specialist. LOL

I managed to chuckle a few times throughout this, particularly at the series of racial jokes in the “joke-off” scene, but other than that, this is a pretty forgettable and unfunny film. I read one IMDb user say it best I guess — which it’s “not bad for free”. I sure wouldn’t pay to see this.. LOL