You Only Live Once (2017)

100% – Critics
78% – Audience

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A framed con man, Leo (Peter Lanzani) has to impersonate an orthodox Jew in order to escape ruthless killers Duges (Gerard Depardieu), López (Santiago Segura) and Harken (Hugo Silva).

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Argentine and Spain action/comedy about a young hidden in a religious community in which out starring in order to survive has to cover up himself

Amusing , fun and absurd comedy about a loser , who’s trying his runaway while a buch of killers attempting to execute a relentless vendetta and retrieve valuable documents . This film is made to entertain , and this movie , especially for a good time and a nice entertainment . It is a passable and attractive comedy with nice special effects , it has several funny and hilarious scenes and quite successful action scenes with persecution , getaways , fights , crashes and many other things .This charming film knows very well inter-cross these two genres , black comedy and action movie with brief touches of denounce , although the most comfortable note in the mad comedy filled with many cameos of known people , most of them playing a motley group of cutthroats and other familiar secondary faces . It deals with a framed con man named Leo (Peter Lanzani) who swindles people along with his girlfriend Flavia (Eugenia Suárez) . But Leo is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time . After taping a killing and keeping the evidence , he gets away and to stay alive has to disguise as an ortodox Jewish , as he will become an orthodox Hasidic Jew , along the way, nasty killers Duges (Gerard Depardieu), López (Santiago Segura) and Harken (Hugo Silva) are chasing him through an unstopped pursuit at any cost . But time is running out and his enemies are hunting him and getting closer .

The picture contains thrills , noisy action , tongue-in-cheek , grotesque situations , paced in exhilarating speed , and , above all , humor with lots of laughters and jokes. Stars Peter Lanzani as the tough young who has to impersonate an orthodox Jew in order to escape ruthless muderers , that’s why he’ll face the biggest challenge of his life . Here stands out a ragtag bunch of misfits incarnated by famous actors , such as : Gerard Depardieu as the French ruthless killer Duges and his associates López : Santiago Segura and Harken : Hugo Silva . This is an enjoyable comedy with nice action , entertainment , agreeable humor with an air of craziness and surrealism ; though essentially predominates absurd happenings with tongue-in-cheek and language is suitable for all. The main issue about this movie is and how a band of nuts carry out out their peculiar revenge against a con and adding an enjoyable portrayal on the Jew Hasidic way of life concerning the likable relationship in which Leo under a new identity deals with the Jewish community run by Luis Brandoni . It’s enough remarkable and sympathetically developed . In fact , the movie belongs to sub-genre about strange people hidden into religious communities . As the film takes parts here and there from ¨Witness¨(Peter Weir with Harrison Ford) and ¨For richer and poorer¨(Bryan Spicer with Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley) and Holy Matrimony (by Leonard Nimoy with Patricia Arquette, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) . It has spectacular special effects , isn’t a blockbuster , but contains breathtaking action scenes with car crashes , explosions and shootouts and for the television set , its’s just what is required.

The picture displays a notorious plethora of actors ,as Argentinean : Peter Lanzani, Eugenia Suárez , Pablo Rago and illustrous veteran Luis Brandoni , as well as an all Spanish-star cast such as Santiago Segura , Carlos Areces and Hugo Silva , most of them playing brief appearances and cameos . As the cameos are very amusing and fun . The motion picture was professionally directed by Federico Cueva in his first one and being shot in Alex De la Iglesia’s style. This nice professrional in an expert stunt man and special effects specialist . As Federico Cueva is known for his work on El Cid (2020), Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas (2014) and El secreto de sus ojos (2009) , El Faro Del Sur , among others .