Christmas with the Andersons (2016)

29% – Audience

Christmas with the Andersons Storyline

Mike and Caroline Anderson have always gone all out with parties and gifts for Christmas with their 10-year-old twins Brendan and Julia. But when Michael loses his job just before the holidays, it looks like Christmas is canceled — until they receive a visit from wacky Aunt Katie, who helps them realize they can still pull off Christmas with no money, and rediscover what’s most important.

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Christmas with the Andersons Movie Reviews


This movie is weird and confusing. Poor family has kids, get rich and become snobs, become poor again. It’s just dumb, don’t bother

Jinglemas with the Jerks

This film is so unrealistic, it’s impossible to “suspend disbelief”.

Michael appears to come from humble beginnings, yet his father runs a law firm.

Michael is a partner at a law firm (and owns 49% of it), yet his father (who owns the other 51%?) simply fires him and leaves him without any income. (I’m not sure how partnerships in law firms work in the US, but I assume Michael would get some “dividend income” as he still owned 49% of the firm.)

For a film like this to work, there really needs to be a sense of “we’ve just lost our income and we’re over indebted, what on earth are we going to do?” Yet any problem that is thrown up (e.g. being sued for emotional distress caused by a product bought from Caroline’s “Bubbles” store) is easily resolved.

And Michael’s character seems to be all over the place: from humble through jerk to compassionate.

The only redeeming feature is Christy Carlson Romano’s performance as Caroline.

The Christmas story that you want to avoid…

When I sat down to watch “Christmas With the Anderssons” it was part of a Christmas movie marathon together the family. However, this movie turned out to be one of the least entertaining and it was quickly turned off again, because it was just absurdly inappropriate and ludicrous.

We managed to suffer maybe 20 minutes or so through the Christmas ordeal that is “Christmas With the Anderssons” before we threw the towel into the ring out of sheer boredom and lack of entertainment value from the result of director Michael Feifer.

The characters in the movie had the charisma and appeal of wet cardboard cut-out characters. They were essentially every bit as useless and pointless as the script and storyline turned out to be. And they were characters that you just didn’t connect with on any level.

As for the jokes and situations in the movie, well they were every bit as rigid and mundane as the characters turned out to be.

Regarding the acting in “Christmas With the Anderssons”, well I can’t claim to remember a single of the people in the movie. And I believe it was not the acting talents themselves, but the fact that they had absolutely nothing to work with in terms of script, storyline and characters.

This is definitely not the stuff that Christmas classics are made of, and I have no intention to returning to this movie to finish it at any point in time. This movie just wasn’t worth it in any possible way.