Dead on Arrival (2017)

70% – Audience

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A pharmaceutical sales rep visits a small town in Louisiana on business. He finds himself in a dark world of corruption and murder with 24 hours to live, running from the police, the mob and a sheriff that wants him dead.

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Dead on Arrival Movie Reviews

No No No No No

Well guys and gals… I usually only post a review if the film is truly awful or really good, never in between. So to give you a clue, this film was not good at all!! The script was crap, the plot was crap, the jokes were bad, the acting was truly bad. I regret wasting my time watching this rubbish and think it’s pretty ‘fishy’ for it to have a current rating of… wait for it… 7.2 (shock, horror). Something is defo wrong here. Maybe 2.7, but no way 7 point something.

Oh yeah, the accents were crap as well!

Mediocre, that’s the best way to describe this

If there is one thing certain about the reviews for this movie is that the people that scored it the highest possible are members of the staff that worked on this movie, or at least know somebody that did. Dead On Arrival is just an average movie. The story could have been something if they had put a bit more effort into it. But what brings this movie really down is the acting. Poor if not mediocre, that is the least you can say. The movie starts good though, with some intriguing things happening, but the more you get to the end of it the more you can see that at one point they didn’t care that much anymore about making a good movie. So to me it had potential but in the end it failed due to a lack of talent and bad acting.


I give this film a max of 4 stars,because its a non-impressive and low cost production,with below average acting cast, a complex plot that is rather simple,but it kills itself because its too slow. what i really miss from this louisiana based d-riller is the lack of lousiana dialect in the dialouges,not a single person speaks the good ol’ southern sway.not even the local police, nor even the hookers or gangsters does.that is a lousy job. its a film of money,vaccines,poisoning,hookers,fine boats and cars,blood,deceift,crooked police and shadow hals.. whats the 4 stars for? well,nice cinematography and well driven musical score (although not my taste), and some parts of the storys locations are good. wanna see it again,definately not