Bleeding Steel (2017)

22% – Critics
23% – Audience

Bleeding Steel Storyline

Hong Kong police inspector Lin Dong (Chan) learns that a biochemical invention has been surgically implanted into his missing daughter. With help from a hacker, Lin tries to connect the dots between the device, a sinister army and a strange phenomenon.

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Bleeding Steel Movie Reviews

A step backwards…

BLEEDING STEEL is the latest production from Chinese superstar Jackie Chan and a big step down from his work on the tight and realistic THE FOREIGNER. This one’s a return to bloated, big budget mainland Chinese super-adventure, this time with a sci-fi edge as Jackie’s aged cop battles armour-clad goons and synthetic super-humans. I had the misfortune to watch the Lionsgate release, which offers horrid dubbing for Jackie’s co-stars, but dubbing aside the film is a mixed bag. The beginning and ending offer lavish action spectacle which isn’t too bad, albeit cheesy, but the slow middle section is all teen romance and unfunny comedy with an Australian setting. I think Jackie needs to work abroad more to make more of an impact these days.

Have you had a nose job?

Officer Lin (Jackie Chan) must combat evil bioroids, a “perfect synergy of body and machine.”

The film is in both Chinese and English with double running subtitles in case you are learning a language. The bad guy is named “Leeson” which appears to be a combination of Liam Neeson. The film utilizes a lot of flash backs to back fill the plot which was not very confusing in spite of attempts to make it awkward.

The sets looked sleek and futuristic as did the bad guys, who appear they can easily kill any man except Jackie Chan, whose name was used once in the film. The production includes tons of fight scenes to go along with a plot and dialogue that reflects bad Chinese “juvenile” film writing. There were 2 F-words in the film that were not well delivered, and one near one, making the target audience young teens.

The film was more enjoyable in the beginning with a lot of promise, even after they killed everyone in the first scene. It then slowly made its way into a too predictable Chinese script that love Disney endings more than Disney.

Jackie Chan still going … strong

No pun intended – he probably has some juice of his own he must be taking. As others surely have stated, he is still going at it. At his age – and while you have US actors still doing action movies at an advanced age, they are not as agile and do not perform as many stunts as Jackie Chan still is.

He probably does have a stunt double for certain things now I can imagine. But he is still doing a lot of stuff as you can clearly see here too. Actually the opening bit/action set piece may spoil anyone watching. I know it did me … this was quite incredible and is mostly to “blame” for my “high” rating.

You got to love the action this has and wants to deliver, even when it is and has flaws riddled all over it. Still better than other action fare you may catch someplace else. Jackie still got it … let’s see how long he’ll keep doing these movies.