For Love & Honor (2016)

  • Year: 2016
  • Released: 30 Jul 2016
  • Country: United States, Canada
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: TV-G
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Writer: Gary Goldstein, Mark Amato
  • Director: Laurie Lynd
  • Cast: James Denton, Natalie Brown, Rebecca Liddiard
  • Keywords: military,

For Love & Honor Storyline

Widowed now for three years, Colonel Tom Brennan has taken early retirement due to injury and in not wanting a desk job in the military. He however has no idea what he will do in his civilian life. His jobless state is potentially short-lived when a former superior, Major-General Henry Cabot, now the head of the Stone Creek School Board, offers him a job at his alma mater, Stone Creek Military Academy. The academy has taken a downward slide in recent years, where they have insufficient enrollment and donations to keep the school open much longer, and where the military tradition has largely fallen by the wayside. The Board has hired a new Dean of Academics for the academy, Caroline Foster, whose background is in education and not the military. Wanting some military oversight within the administration, Henry would like Tom to head the military program to bring honor back into the mindset of the academy. Despite being no where close to what he envisioned his civilian life to be, Tom accepts the job. Arriving at the academy, Tom finds that indeed there is little military discipline among the cadets. He and Caroline also immediately butt heads, as she has no interest in adhering to those über-strict military traditions, she who believes in flexibility and the spiritual benefits of yoga. Despite their differences, they know they have to work together as they have the same end goal, working together which still may be difficult if not impossible. Their task becomes even more urgent when news hits that the Board is planning on selling the academy at the end of the school year. What happens at the academy and between Tom and Caroline is affected by, among others, two people: Tom’s college student daughter, Kylie Brennan, who loves her father but who doesn’t want to be treated like a soldier by him; and cadet Mason Keller, typical of many of the cadets who were sent to the academy by their parents in a last ditch effort to straighten them out.—Huggo

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For Love & Honor Movie Reviews

Honourable love

Have always watched Hallmark films with an open mind but also always without expecting too much. Some films have come off much better than expected, managing to make something appealing from unappealing or basic premises. Some are more or less what was expected in both good and bad ways. Then there are some that really don’t live up to expectations and do so many things wrong. They all have at least one interest point, and James Denton was ‘For Love and Honour’s’.

Luckily he comes over very well here and ‘For Love and Honour’ is also worth watching as a film. Did like the combination of romance and military, which Hallmark have done very well more than once, and thought that ‘For Love and Honour’ did what it set out to do very well, didn’t try to do more than needed and knew what it was going for. It isn’t flawless or a great film, but it is worth watching and, despite not feeling like a Summer Nights film, one of the better entries for that seasonal block as an overall film.

Admittedly, ‘For Love and Honour’ is formulaic, which makes some plot strands easily foreseeable and executed in a way that is pretty much what is expected.

Did feel too that it got off to a somewhat rocky start, taking time to get started, some of the dialogue being too rigid not flowing as well as it could have done and the characters not easy to get behind at first (Denton’s character’s arrogance and rigidity is overdone a bit).

Stick with it if unsure, as ‘For Love and Honour’ does become a lot better and boasts many good things. Natalie Brown and particularly Denton are very strong, as are the supporting cast. The characters do become more interesting and easier to connect with, with Denton’s character’s development not being rushed. Brown and Denton do have good chemistry, the banter done with intensity and playfulness and the more romantic parts understated and tender.

It looks good, especially the scenery which is lovely. Other Hallmark films fare a lot worse when it comes to having ill fitting and intrusive music, neither of which were an issue really with me here. While the script is not Oscar worthy material, it at least has a natural flow and doesn’t come over as too cheesy, schmaltzy or waffly. Generally the story has a warm centre, is light-hearted and doesn’t feel dull.

Overall, good if not great. 7/10.

Surpringly Entertaining

Lots of fluff and very light-hearted, but very entertaining rainy night flick. Nothing too serious here in a old fashioned romantic tale of opposites who attract. This film is an updated and revised version of The Private War of Major Benson. A great film? No. An entertaining film? Yes.

Worth watching

Nothing great here but it is still well worth watching, Me and the wife really enjoyed it. James Welch Henderson, Arkansas 1/12/2021